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Felecia's Blog Spot January

                              From the writer Felecia I have been behind, but so anxious to get started back on my blog.  I have met some amazing people.  I am so grateful that you have allowed me to share your stories. I pray that you all be blessed in your life journey.                    Who is Felecia the writer of  Felecia's Blog Spot. I am country girl from a small place called Choctaw County in Alabama. When most people meet me their first question is "where are you from". I have a very country accent. I have a wonderful husband who pushes me, hard towards my dream. He has made many sacrifices and he's my number one fan. I have two beautiful kids, who are my world. They are so smart and funny. They are my inspiration, for everything I do. Did I mention, how much I love God...HE is so AWESOME!! ( Please look over any mistakes, you may find) "Beautiful Just The Way I Am" I met Lovely when I took her sister's maternity pic