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Undeniable Love and Makeup Tips

From the Writer: Maybe just smile I have come across many people. I have seen some that no matter where I see them they are always smiling, and then there are some I have encountered that are always walking around with a frown on their face.  I have many days, I just didn't feel like smiling, because I was having a bad day or someone made me upset. When I worked in retail I would smile so much sometimes, until my jaws would hurt. It only took one customer to come through and make me lose that friendly smile with their bad attitude. There was this sweet elderly lady name Ms. Lucy, that would come through my line all the time, no matter how long it, was just to see me. She was always smiling, and she would always say "Here is my girl with the smile that can brighten up someone day". I think after her telling me that several times, that gave me a whole outlook, on why I should smile even if I don't feel like it. Maybe your smile or mine can give someone else a reaso

Is It a Crime for Wanting to Be a Good Parent

Is It a Crime For Wanting to Be a Good Parent Written By: Felecia Cell phone photo on the way to the movies earlier this year My kids give me so much joy, and I am so grateful to God for blessing me to have them in my life.  I was approached by someone and they told me that, they were discussing how I have my kids structured, how I allow them to go to Books A Million twice a month to purchase many books, and how I try my hardest to make sure they get a great education. My thought was that's awkward, and was wondering why was I in the discussion of their conversation.. I continued to listen as she said the other person in the conversation said I thought my kids are "all that" and I think we are "high class". I laughed because that wasn't the first time, I heard someone say that about me and my kids. Yes, at first I was offended, but then I begin to smile. I try to be a good mother to my kids, and I shouldn't allow anyone to make me fee


From the writer: Those who have been following me,  I appreciate it so much. I always like to start my blog off with some encouragement or a life lesson that I have learned. As for as long as I can remember my parents always told us to never judge someone based on how they look. My mother's favorite saying is "never judge a book by it's cover".  If you have ever met me or know me, I am a country girl that loves to wear blue jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. I remember I was planning to do  photos for my blog later that week, so I went to a  local boutique that I found on Facebook.  I decided to check them out. When I went in, there they had several customers besides me that day, but when I went in  the workers began to follow my every move. The one close to me finally asked could she help me after giving her a face that I have had it. I accepted the gesture. I knew why she was following me, because I didn't fit the image of someone who could afford the stuff i