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Part 3 The Life of a Wife Being Cheated On

I have made it home from after having my baby. The kids have came home, and the bills are piling up. I am stressed and exhausted. My mom comes over to cook and helps as much as she can, but I enjoy doing things myself. I don't want my father to be at home alone, so I turned her down when she offered to stay. My kids are on a schedule, so feeding them, putting them to sleep, and taking their bathe, has not been a problem. The new baby is a very good baby. she sleeps most of the time, after I breastfeed her, and take her bathe. As the house is quite, and all the kids are sleep, I rush to take a shower. The one time , and place I can talk to God, cry, and release anger. I sat at the table to add up all my bills. My husband bought $600.00 by the house before he went to work. He wasn't able to spend time with the kids because they were asleep. He has claim to be staying with his mama. After, adding the bills, and looking at the money I had, I became frustrated. I knew all the bi

Hope After Loss, Surviving Stillbirth

Pregnant with daughter Anilah On July 08,2014 I woke up around 8:30 am as usual, but something was different. I went to the bathroom and my stomach was extremely hard and my baby wasn't moving. So I went to my mothers room woke up her, and they rushed me to the hospital. We arrived to a hospital here in Montgomery where I went straight upstairs to Labor and Delivery.  I was explaining to the nurses why I was visiting, and the first they did was put me on the baby monitor. Patiently waiting with my family, they couldn't find her heartbeat so they tried an ultrasound instead.  There was still no heartbeat. When one of the doctors arrived he touched around my belly, but didn't say a word as if he knew there was something wrong.  One of the nurse,  came in, and sat next to me, and said " I'm sorry Latasha she's gone and there is nothing we can do to bring her back". My family and I sat in the room devastated wondering how could somet

It Changed My Life,But Now I Have A Reason to Smile

My mother was killed April 12, 1998. This was a day I will never forget. At the time I was 7 years old. I remember the details of this day so vividly as if it happened today. It was Easter Sunday, my mom got my brother and I dressed for church. As we were attempting to leave my dad sparked an argument with my mom. The next thing I know he took her keys and we were waiting on a ride. We never made it to the Easter service. My cousin later came to pick us up so we were able to attend the egg hunt. After we were done with Easter celebrations we went to my cousins house. As the night time hours begin to approach my mom deemed it necessary to get her keys to her car. My cousin took us home. My mom informed my brother and I that she would be right back. What happened next was life changing. My mom went and knocked on the door to the apartment we lived in and waited. Finally my dad came outside. My parents argued for quite some time. My dad walked back into the house and my mothe

I Was Upset Because My Mom Wasn't There

Losing my mother at the age of 3 made me feel so lost. Growing up without her I was very rebellious. I've always questioned what would my mom do, what would she say, or how would she react to certain challenges that I've faced! I hate that my mom missed my graduations, proms, the birth of her first grandchild, and other special moments in my life. When I think of my mom it hurts me to the core, knowing that she's not here! I can't call my mom to babysit my son, ask her mommy questions, neither can I visit her in the flesh! Once the passing of my mother came into existence my aunt and grandmother took all 4 of my mother's kids in to keep us together. I can remember back when I was at least 6 or 7 years old, calling my grandmother my mom. My oldest sister would always get upset because, I didn't quite understand that our mother was deceased. My sister always told me our mom was dead she not coming back. I used to cry when I got up to age, to truly und

We Have Lupus, Lupus Don't Have Us

 These ladies were complete strangers, but they all have one thing in common, Lupus.          Lupus has affected over 1.5 million Americans, mostly women are affected. These ladies have shared with me and you all there stories, of being affected by this disease. My name is ReShekia Cooper, and September 11, 2010, is a day that I will never forget. That day is the day I decided that I was going to the emergency room to see why I was having really bad chest pains. I had been having them the entire month, but I kept putting it off. Once I got to the emergency room and got to the back, I had my blood drawn. When the results were back, the doctor came in and asked a couple of questions. He kept asking was I bleeding anywhere, and did I know how I was losing blood. After I kept saying no, he finally said that they were keeping me to run more tests. My doctor would come in everyday and say, “I don't get it; there's no way your blood is just disappearing.” My th

Trust Your Instincts, You're Not Crazy (LOL sometimes)

We have a female pit bull, name Sox. I'll call her big girl. We got her years ago from her owner. With the reputation of pit bulls I really didn't want my husband  to get her. She was in pretty bad conditions, and she wasn't a puppy.  I was worried about her being around our kids, who were then very young.  We got her back to health, and she turned out to be the sweetest and most beautiful dog to me. She was very well train and she loves the kids. We decided to breed her , but chose to do an AI. (If you are not familiar with the term, it's where the stud, male dog, semen is shipped and a vet implants it into the female dog. The insemination was a success. It was a waiting game. We decided to do an ultra sound, and since our regular vet didn't offer it, we decided to take her to a vet office that did. They were very nice, and a very well known office. The vet came in, he was very professional. He set up the machine and began to scan her stomach. He began

Behind the Author

My name is Justice Patrick. I’m a senior high school student, and I have tapped into my creative writing gifts to inspire others. My focus is primarily on the youth who are struggling with day-to-day issues of bullying, self-esteem, indifference, and social injustices. I have been inspired by a lot of difficulties faced by me and my family. Growing up I was always teased about having a big head, big lips, big eyes, big thighs, big legs, fat ankles, fat fingers, and thick curly hair. I overcame those struggles and learned to love myself. Every day I found myself talking to my mother about it -- hating myself more every day. Growing up I was considered the odd one. I was always getting angry because people always threw things in my face about my family or obstacles we had faced. I remember my mom losing her job for the very first time which appeared on the front page of our local newspaper, The Monroe Journal, and I would always get teased/ bullied about it every day

"Believe In Your Vision" Behind the Music with LadyFlame

Shantice "Ladyflame11" Cheatham has been performing, writing, and composing music for 15 years strong. Known for her sick word play and her lyrics that speaks the truth, Ladyflame11 has always been a voice that speaks for our youth in the urban neighborhood.  These multi-talented lyricists started out singing in local events that was going on the metro Atlanta area and discovered that she had a voice and a mind for music. She latter auditioned for North Atlanta High School for the performing arts, and was selected to attend the magnet program, concentration chorus. Although she maintained to keep music in her life, growing up in Atlanta, she was faced with tough challenges as an adolescence. She went through the foster care system, in and out of juvi, rape, and teen pregnancy, all before her 16th birthday. Through it all she still managed to keep her passion alive. In 2004, you could catch Ladyflame11's and her brother Hot 16's on the airwaves of v-103

Had To Take My Life Back

I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years.  I dealt with emotional, mental and physical  abuse from the  father of my kids. The signs started to show after months of us dating, and shortly after I found out I was expecting.  Every time I turn around there's was always another female he was cheating on me with.  I didn't want my girls to grow up without a father, so I suffered and lived in what felt like was hell.  It didn't matter how hard I tried or what I did, it was never enough.  When we would have disagreements,  he would say he didn't love me, and leave for days or sometimes weeks. When he would come back, and we would try to work it out for the kids sake.   The past years we would physical fight at least once a week, and every time it got worse and worse.  I still tried to convince myself I could repair the relationship.  I didn't  have any support from him financially because all the bills were in my name in the house. He would take my ca

God Gave Him to Me to Change My Life

My baby is an amazing blessing to my life.  God gave him to me to change my life. I lost my oldest sister and the devil got a hold of me through my pain. I found peace and joy in my son.  I never wanted kids, but he was what I needed. I chose natural birth for the delivery of my son . My son's father had two aunts that were pastors/evangelists and they preached to me about birth, and gave me a whole sermon from the bible about how God intended for birth to be because of the choices. They also prayed over my stomach so much that I had no complications my whole pregnancy nor during labor and delivery. I didn't feel a contraction or anything enough to want any medicine. Also my doctor was female, and explained to me what happens with the different methods for pain relief. I was afraid my son would get too much of the medicine in his system through me, and I didn't want him to be so high that I couldn't look in his eyes when I had him because he was asl

He's My Blessing

On, October 16,2012 I found out I was expecting. The ER doctors told me my pressure was too high, and ask me what all kind of medicine I was on. I started naming, all of them, and once I named one, the doctor and nurse started hooking me up to all kind of machines. They kept asking me if I felt my baby move, and I told them I didn't. The nurse was explaining that the medicines may was affecting the baby. I was scared and nervous. I didn't have the opportunity to call my mother or my aunt, so I called on God. They nurse finally came back in and told me that my baby was okay. I was relieved.         I stayed in and out of the hospital because of my blood pressure. On, May,  I left the hospital that evening, and my water broke later that night. I was worried because he came earlier than expected. I delivered my baby May 6, 2013, at 9:54. The nurses took my baby, without me seeing, because he was having problems.  I was informed he was having problems w

I Didn't Want to Live Like That Anymore

All my life I have struggled with being chubby. I never really thought of it as an issue until I would get picked on for being big. When I graduated High School I got a gym membership and tried to lose weight on my own, however I didn’t know what I was doing or how to eat. One day I went to the doctor and he told me for my height I was obese weighing in at 210 pounds and only 5’1.  When I went home I took my shirt off and took a picture of myself from all three angles front, back, and side. I didn’t want to live my life like that anymore.  In 2012, I began my journey to losing weight. I have had plenty of help along the way from boot camps, personal trainers,  friends, and family giving words of encouragement. I will not say this journey was easy at all, but what I will say is if you are dedicated and stick to what you want anything is possible. I am proud to say that I am now down 55 pounds and still pushing toward a healthier me.  Peop

Blood Doesn't Make You A Father

These ladies have shared how important the men in their life are to them, and how the men also stepped up and played the roll as a father to their kids. I had each lady write a letter to the special man in their life, to tell them what they mean to them. (Both Ladies name is Kim and they are married to cousins) I can't express the fact that our relationship really started as a fairytale. So if you know us, then you know I refer to JaVorise as my mate. I have actually known my mate for over 20 years! There is nothing major, no back and forth, just a good old fashioned encounter, that brought us into each others lives on this level. A "not so" chance encounter brought him into an Alcoholic Beverage Control store where I was working, to hold THE LONGEST conversation about really nothing, that I had ever had in my life. I say that because he's not a drinker, and didn't buy anything that day. He later told me he came into the stor