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What To Wear For Maternity Photos

Written By: Felecia Causey "What I should wear", is the question I am mostly asked.  When selecting what to wear, can be a hard decision for any photo session, and adding a belly with the pregnancy hormones, can make it feel maybe a little more harder. You will one day look back on your pictures, so when you choose your wardrobe make sure it is flattering and captures your vision. Maternity designers and boutiques owners have really fueled the styles and have given soon to be moms empowerment to want to show off their bellies. If you plan to purchase something to wear for your maternity session, do remember your bump is the center of attention for your photos. You may choose to show your belly, I recommend bandeau bras, bikini tops, or fabric that you may use to cover your cleavage, as for as to cover your bottom with maybe a tutu, blue jeans, full skirt or fabric, transformed into a skirt. If you are deciding to opt out

Just Have Fun Doing A Couple Photoshoot

I feel there are several reasons couples should value the opportunity of taking more sessions together.  It will give them chances to reconnect and capture their feelings in each photo. Many people will be nervous, but should relax and just have fun. If candid shots will break the ice, make sure you voice that to your photographer. Dress to impress and try adding color in your photos, but keep it simple. If you decide you want to change wardrobe,  maybe do one formal and one casual. When selecting a location choose a spot that shows you all personality.  If you're not comfortable with being affectionate with people in public, select a quite spot or a location where there aren't many spectators. You don't have to have a special occasion to capture your love for each other. Make a whole date and start if off with a photo session.

The Question Brides Need to Ask Themselves:"Should I Have Bridesmaids

      Wriiten  By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Copywrited Models: Carvietta Carroll, Haldriuanna Smiley, Quayy Wright, and Tawandaly Williams   It is becoming more and more popular that brides are opting out on having bridesmaids.   Those brides who choose to not have bridesmaids, have many reasons including wanting to limit the drama and stress through the process of wedding planning. Then, there are some brides that don't want to exclude or hurt anyone feelings.   If you ask many brides one of their biggest regrets was who they chose to stand by them on their special day.  I have heard many horror stories of dealing with the many attitudes, the tardiness, and disappointment of reevaluating the relationship with that person.         The ultimate test of friendship is when you select them as your bridesmaid. I've noticed a trend that most bridesmaids and brides drifts apart. At different points in life, we come upon wav

Being Picture Perfect, For Family Photos

    Is your family overdue for a photo session? I am sure many haven't taken them because they just don't know where to start. I have a confession as a photographer, my family don't do as many photos as I would like.  I decided to write this blog to give you a short guide on how to prepare for a family photo shoot. It may seem like it can become overwhelming, and stressful, but the best thing I can tell you is not to prepare at the last minute. When you select a photographer, make sure you select someone that you have studied their work. If you like someone else work, but choose another photographer, keep in mind that everybody have different styles. When you select a date, make sure you choose a date that will provide you with enough time to get everything ready.  It will give you a start of having a smooth session. If you are trying to select a time of the day to take the photo, I advice you to not pick it, where it will interfere

On Doing Nude or Semi Nude Maternity Photos

  Written By: Felecia Causey Photos By: Felecia Causey Model: Briana Jackson People tend to bash or disgrace things that they don't understand. I always tell my kids, everyone has a choice of an opinion, but it doesn't mean that you have to agree or accept with how someone feels or what they say. It has been a big controversy on nude and semi nude maternity photos. People are saying they don't think that women should share these types of intimate moments with the world. They also don't think women should show their bodies, to show off their baby bumps. Then, it comes into play again that everyone has an opinion. As for myself, personally,  now that I have gotten older, I may not do these type of photos. I don't disagree or feel some type of way towards women that choose to do so. I actually think they are beautiful pictures. When a woman comes to me with an idea of what kind of photos she would like, I am open minded, because at the end of the da

My Mom Always Told Us:"Never Allow Anything to Turn You From the Love Of God"

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos: Feleci Causey Copyrighted Model: Brionna Mitchell (Brionna  Mitchell  is only a model for this post. She is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story.)   Growing up I was raised in the church. My mother made sure we went there every Sunday, even if he couldn't get our dad to go with us. My sister who complained every Sunday, would always ask why dad didn't have to go to church, and why she couldn't stay with him. It never worked, and she would still had to go. When I started college, I never got the chance to go to church, until my junior year. My mother was a "if something bad happen or got hard go to church and pray". I didn't attend every Sunday, but I constantly would go when my schedule at work allowed me. My senior year of college my mother was in a terrible car accident. The faith this woman had that she would walk out the hospital gave me faith that even though it looked impos