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I Am Mother Living With A Chronic Illness

  Featuring:Adrian Dunklin Photography: Felecia Causey My name is Adrian Dunklin. In 2012, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. It’s a chronic lung disease that turns your body against itself basically.  I never knew I had this disease because I was so full of life! I beat the odds of conceiving and gave birth to my first daughter. I began to feel as though I couldn’t breathe one day so I decided to finally get up and go to the doctor. Upon my examination, my doctor informed me that I have what she believed to be a collapsed lung. I was sent to the hospital. I was placed in ICU for four days.  I then had to see the lung specialist because it wasn’t a collapse lung, but rather I had lymph nods the size of golf balls in my chest and lungs. After being discharged two weeks later I was scheduled to have a lung biopsy. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I started out with only steroids because my disease can only be treated and controlled, not cured. I cried daily and continued to ask God

Being Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer

Photography By:Felecia Causey Featuring Riketa Johnson M y name is Riketa Johnson, and I was born and raised in Montgomery, Al. I have traveled and lived in many places, but Montgomery will always be my home. I have been in a relationship for over four years.  I have been through a whole lot in my life.  In January 2014, I went to my gynecologist for my annual check up, I was sent to do blood work, and all my usual tests. A week went by when I received a call from my doctor's nurse to inform me that my pap test came back abnormal . It was very unusual so, I felt confused and did not know what to do . I knew abnormal meant something was wrong, so I asked what was my next step. The nurse told me that she could not discuss it over the phone,  but I would need to come in to speak with her as soon as possible. I went into the doctor's office that next day and she explained to me that I would need to have a test done on my cervix. The test would help determine why my re

Are you Marrying Your Spouse or The Family?

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography:Felecia Causey Model: Kim Parks Are you dealing with horrible in-laws? Have you, asked yourself what do I owe them? I can personally say, I have the best mother-in-law a lady could ask for. Unfortunately, I know many people can not say the same. The struggles many people have with their in-laws issues, can become a nightmare. The understanding that everyone will not like you, plays an important role. I am sure we have heard the saying “when you marry someone, you marry the whole family”. I know there are many who believe that, but there are others that don’t. They felt like their vows were only to his/her spouse. I have heard several horror stories, from a mother-in-law who is constantly in the relationship to the dealing of sister-in-laws that starts confrontations or the in-laws that constantly ask for money. There are a lot of people that have dealt with many issues, before getting married, during the ma