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Lupus Fighter: Featuring Brandi, Eleven Years with Lupus

 Written By:  Brandi Photography By: Felecia Causey     My name is Brandi and I have 11 years involvement with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE or better known as Lupus. I am 40 with a 21 year old son. He graduated high school, while I graduated with my bachelor’s at the same time. We are in college still at the same time while he works on his Associates and Certification in HVAC, and I work on a dual Master’s program in MPH and MBA.     I was a city letter carrier for the USPS when I was diagnosed in 2008. I have a history of 2 aunts with Lupus and my mom having discoid (skin) lupus. I hurt my shoulder while in the mail truck and after it not going away, I decided to go to my primary doctor. She knew I had a history and I really don’t remember what other things I complained of besides the shoulder pain. She did the ANA test and it came back high and positive. She then referred me to a couple of Rheumatologists. I tried a Rheumatologist here, who only treated me for

Lupus Fighter: On the Road to Recovery

 Photography By: Felecia Causey I got diagnosed with Lupus the summer of 1991. While in summer school, one morning I woke up to so much pain. My whole body was hurting I couldn’t get out of bed. My mom called the doctor office made my appointment to see the doctor. It took about two weeks to get in the office, meanwhile I was getting more ill, so my mom took me to the emergency room. They sent me home said I had a UTI and prescribed antibiotics and pain meds. That help for about a week then the pain returned. When I went  to the doctor office, the doctor only prescribed some acid reflux meds and pain meds. I went home feeling worst then I ever that night. My mom take me back to the ER, and they admitted me for a day to stop the pain and throwing up. I went home for about a week then my mom called another doctor. I went to the new doctor, he was puzzled about my test results from the other doctor and ER. He did a lot of testing, but he still came up with nothing. H

Lupus Fighter: Featuring Shannon, Dealing With the Emotions

Photography By: Felecia Causey Hi I am Shannon, and my journey with Lupus started in 1998, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My daughter's father noticed I had a bald spot in my head, so I had a biopsy done.  It came back as discoid lupus, so  I started injections and cream, but none of that worked. My hair loss progressed and got worse.  My follicles eventually died leaving me completely bald. I'm dealing not only with discoid lupus, but SLE and subacute as well. I'm currently on steroids, plaquenil, myfortic, chemo infusions, naproxen, and a ton of other medicines. Since being officially diagnosed in 2016, I've gained 55lbs, lost some of my confidence, and it can get so depressing at time. I'm coping, but its sincerely hard. I don’t date,  because I don’t want anyone to see my scalp or skin the way it is. Who wants to deal with a person, with all the problems lupus comes with? I currently wear wigs to hide my hideous scalp, its honestly

Restaurant Highlight: Six Tables Cafe

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos: Provided By: Six Tables Cafe and Felecia As many restaurants are opening and summer is here, couples, families, and more will be looking for restaurants or diners that can satisfy their hunger.  One thing I know is that people are always interested in trying a place, that is worth their money, and the travel. Downtown Prattville, has a hidden gem called Six Tables Cafe, which is owned and ran by single mom Ashley. She admitted that loving to cook,  having independency, and being able to have a flexible schedule in order to take care of her kids is what motivated her to start the restaurant. As a business owner, she says she would like to give her customers a great experience, so they will continuously  return. I had a chance to drop by there, and try both something off her breakfast and lunch menu. I am from a small country town, where cafĂ© such as Six Tables are some of my favorite places to eat. It's very cozy, and the customer servi

Featuring:Merv's Cocktail Bar, LLC

Hello, I am Mervin Palmer, the licensed owner of Merv’s Cocktail Bar, LLC. I am 27 years old and a full time bartender and business owner. I operate my mobile bar service in the Birmingham, AL metropolitan area. I am blessed to have a wide-ranging customer base, because I was born in Florida and grew up in Prattville, AL. I serve Grey Goose infused fruit punches and Jose Cuervo infused lemonades. My vision is to open my bar and provide a comforting atmosphere for anyone in all walks of life. I also provide bartending services for events, as well as cater. My products currently include my cocktails, Jose Cuervo infused cupcakes and my seasonal frozen drinks.  My motivation is the passion I have for mixology and making people feel good with each ‘treat’ I offer. My business is not a job or a career, it’s my life and what brings me true joy. I am so thankful for every opportunity God has presented and will present to me. Special thanks to Felecia Causey for allowing me to b

Featuring: Witty Kid Slime and Entertainment LLC

Photography By: Felecia Causey Hi, I’m Courtney and this is my 11 year old daughter A’Livia who’s the owner of “Witty Kid Slime and Entertainment LLC”. Yes, at 11 years old she has her own business. She’s such a strong willed child and work hard on everything she take part in. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me so let me tell you all more about this brilliant kid of ours. I know I’ve always wanted to be a mom and never thought I’ll have so many years of trying and it never happened. I would have this emptiness that only a baby of my own could fill. So I thought!” I can remember the day I got the call asking if I wanted to adopt a baby girl. I didn’t have to think twice because I wanted so badly to be a mom and I know if this opportunity came, it had to be of God. I was finally about to have a little person to call me mom and I was so ready for it. She was born in Killeen Texas on September 7, 2007, and that was the day my life changed forever.

Lupus Awareness: The Struggles and Fight Against Lupus

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos By: Felecia Causey Lupus is a very mysterious disease. It is more commonly found in Africa American women. Although it affects everyone differently, this monster can be very aggressive. As we know it has entered in many lives at different ages. These fighters are mothers, daughters, wives, friends, and sisters, that continues to fight back with everything they have for their love ones. What does a person with Lupus look like? Sometimes a person with this disease goes years after numerous of tests and doctor visits trying to figure out what's wrong with them. They often never show any physical effects of the disease. We may never see the sleepless nights, the many seizures, all the medications, the doctors, and the pain that they have to endure during this battle.   People with Lupus may not have the same battles, but they all are faced to wrestle this beast.  Many who have the disease may not show any outer appearances that they

Restaurant Highlight: Honestly Smooth Smoothie

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos provided by: Honestly Smooth Smoothie Co. I had the opportunity to experience Honestly Smooth Smoothie located in Opelika, Alabama. As I entered the door I was greeted by a very nice young gentleman behind the counter. The amazing welcoming was a great start to trying this restaurant. I had the chance to chat with the owners Quinton and Jacob, and  I was curious and wanted to know from the guys behind this new place, what made them different than any other smoothie shop. The guys explained how they serve food that gives people options. What stood out the most to me during this conversation was they always serve their items fresh, and they also have their own signature sauces. As many mothers as myself, with a busy schedule from after summer activities or sports with your kids  or even after a long day of work, finding a restaurant that can cater to both the parents and children is a PLUS in my book.  Although, the ideal of trying t