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Author Spotlight: Interview With Author Harleigh Rae

Thanks Harleigh Rae for being on my blog. Q: Please share with my readers a little about yourself. A: Hi, I’m Harleigh Rae, author of the blackest love stories. I’m a east coast girl, born to hard working parents who always taught me to speak up, speak out and never back down. I’m lived majority of my teens and early twenties in the fast lane, so now I’m a pretty simple woman. Reading, watching a great romance movie or series and learning about wine are how I typically spend my time when I am not engrossed in writing a new book. Q: Tell me what inspired you to start writing. A:I grew up in one of America’s toughest cities. My parents weren’t the richest and vacation were few and far between. So, I found my escape between the pages of books. As a girl, I lived two blocks from the library, so I spent my free time their reading about all the imaginary places. My first job was on the same block ad a Barnes and Noble and I would take my lunch break and read a book cover-to

A Grieving Mother: Losing A Son To Child Abuse

Hi, my name is Emery Armstrong. I am the mother of 2 year old Nehemiah Armstrong, who was murdered on November 9, 2017. my twin boys Nehemiah and Jeremiah Armstrong, where both injured in the incident. The injuries included but not limited to cracked ribs, a split liver, torn spine, and a severely damaged pancreas. My son Nehemiah cause of death has been determined as blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and torso. The surviving twin, Jeremiah is still ongoing physical and mental trauma from this. Since this incident I haven’t been the same. I’m so lost and confused on how life works now. I am trying to pick my face up off the ground while trying to fight for justice for my babies. It has been almost three years and no one has been arrested which hurts the most because I haven’t got any closer or answers. April is child abuse awareness month; for this month I plan to tell my son’s story to as many people that will listen and learn from it. Be aware and protect our babie

Author Alert: Interview With Grecia Smith

Thanks Grecia for the opportunity to have you on my blog! Q: Please share with my readers a little about yourself. A: I am a wife, mother of two children and 3 fur babies. My life has been interesting which many of you may read in my book. I say that because when asked about myself it's always a hard question to answer because there's so much about me.  I enjoy travelling and seeing new things, mainly meeting new people. I has a career in the social work field for close to 10 years but now my focus is writing and the spiritual business that my wife and I started last year.   Q:Tell me what inspired you to start writing. A: Because of Yesterday, was a book that I written based off things I personally went through. I knew I wanted to inspire others that have experienced or was experiencing similar situations that they aren't or weren't alone. My goal was to help others when I wrote the book, but when I finished , I realized I helped myself a

Author Alert: Interview With Author Iesha Bree

Thanks Author Iesha for the opportunity to have you on my blog! Q:Please share with my readers a little about yourself. A:I am currently signed to B. Love Publications! So be on the lookout for that!! Cover Designer, and reader. I have been reading all types of books by many different authors for years and I just loved idea of love so I decided I should share what I dream and hope to have someday! I'm also a military brat, so I always have this itch to travel to a new place.  I also make book covers, flyers, and logos.  Q:Tell me what inspired you to start writing. A: I am a reader first, and I have seen how much it has helped me in my life.  I figured to be able to help someone else have an escape from their daily lives, I want to be apart of that.   Q: How long have you been writing? A: I've been writing since, 2018! Q: In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your books. A: Planning! Because I am such a spontane

Class of 2020: This Too Shall Pass

  Written By Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Kathy Bradforn (daughter) JaBria Bradford, Chenique Jeffress (son) Jadyn Miller, Shay Ellis (son) Samuel Ellis Jr., Ebony Sanders (daughter) Frednasha Rogers, Tara Osborne (daughter) Erin Jefferson, and Shanika Pritchett (daughter) Quenterria Washington    As I scroll down my timeline, and see all the sad and heartbreaking things that are going on all around the world. With COVID-19, affecting many people's lives from losing loved ones, not being able to work,  not being able to financially pay their bills, or purchase essential things for the household. We were seeing things that are normally on the shelf, which are currently being sold out.  People  were panicking and afraid because things as small as tissue, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizer are not available to buy. Then I kept scrolling down my social media’s timeline and I read the heartbroken seniors and their parents, sharing how sad a