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Skin Color Doesn't Dictate Love

Written By: Felecia Causey Models:Casey, Tommy, Annelise, Aiyanna, and Alaina Rockwell    In a world where there should not be a boundary when it comes to love. Unfortunately in reality, we live in a place where people have a cap or visual of what and how a person should be or look like. There is also a “norm” of what a family should like.  What so many fail to do is mind the business that pays them. There are so many families that may look different, but their love for each other is as strong as any other family is. When you view from the innocent eyes of a child they don’t see color or see different, they are not aware that people despite their family, all they see in their sweet eyes, is unconditional love. There is no acceptance in their home and around most family members, or friends, but it is a factor in what love should look like in a cruel world where the color of your skin plays a factor in what love should look like. In such a time, where skin color is a very sensitive su

What 2020 Has Taught Me..2021 I Am Doing What Is Best For Me

  Written By: Felecia Causey Happy New Year!! Wow 2020 was a year.  I can honestly say my family has been blessed. Although it taught me some heartbreaking stuff, I do know that it has made me stronger. I have learned to love my family harder and hug my kids more. As my kids have done virtual school since the pandemic has started, I have enjoyed the family time that we have had during these unknown times. I have watched them grow, and although I have great communication with my kids, it’s even better. As I realize that they both are no longer babies, I will enjoy the times making them hug me and have them lay their head on my shoulder like a baby. They hate it, but they will one day appreciate laying on my shoulder. The many board game nights, and the not so happy kids, for getting beat by their mom(me) are priceless. I wouldn’t trade the late movie nights that ended up with me falling asleep after the commercials for anything. Many families have lost loved ones, and I do realize that