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Be Your Kids’ Advocate Because Nobody Else Will

  Written By:Felecia Causey Models:Deja and Destinee Carroll I wanted to write this blog after scrolling on my timeline and hearing parents' concern about the experience they have had with a school or teacher.  As I recall some of my horrible experiences with some of my kids' teachers. I think last year was one of the most trying years. My husband and I have always told the kids you do your part and if it’s not making a change or we don’t see a change we will step in. If you don’t protect your kids' future, push them to work hard, or be their voice, I can tell you know one else will. We first must tell them to do what they need to do, be respectful, study hard, and ask questions.  Although schools have the mission statement, “No child left behind”, the question is are all the adults working in the school system feel this way.  Before I go into a couple of my experiences, I would first like to say that I respect many teachers, and I believe that they are underpaid and unap