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My Son Having Autism Has Taught Me To Be Humble, Have Patience, And Have More Faith

My name is Nikki, I have a 9 year old son named Cameron who has Autism. Cameron was born 2 months early weighing   3lbs., 11oz.   He needed extra attention and care because his lungs weren’t   fully developed. As time went by and he started to grow, I started to notice he wasn't doing things kids his age were doing. At 1-1/2 years old he wasn’t   talking, not even saying mama.   All he would do was squeal and was very frustrated. So when I took him to his pediatrician he said it was normal, because he was premature, he would be a little behind kids his age. So I gave the doctor the benefit of the doubt. But as time went on,   I started to notice other things about Cameron.   He couldn't stand loud noise, he wasn’t   playing with his toys the right way, making eye contact, and would rather be to himself. When he turned 3 years old he still wasn’t   saying too much of anything. So I made another appointment with his doctor, he did his evaluation and referred him to

Gave Him Everything, But He Took Me For Granted

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos By: Felecia Causey Model: Laken McManus (Laken McManus) is only a model for this post, she is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story) I met this guy three years ago, and while we were together, I worked two jobs, while going to school. He had a job at a great company, working mostly night shifts. I tried cooking everyday, but he complained about my food, and when I didn't cook he complained also. He would come home, throw his dirty laundry on the bedroom floor, but I wouldn't say anything. I would always clean it up. He would make big messes in the kitchen and leave piles of dirty dishes in the sink, but again I didn't fuss or complain, I would just clean it up too. I wanted to be a good girlfriend, so I did what I thought was expected, to be a good woman. I loved him, and I did way more for him, than I did for anyone else from previous relationships. I purchased him name brand clothes, and all the latest new

Life Taught Me, My Students Need The Same Love and Care I Received

Although I am currently a resident of Montgomery, Alabama, I was once a ward of New York State. I entered the Foster Care system at the age of 14. I belonged the state of New York until the age of 21. I, along with my older sister, had no other alternative due to our harsh and uncomfortable circumstances. My mother, who started using drugs at the tender age of 19, struggled with her crack addiction for many years. For as long as I can remember, she has been off and on drugs my entire life. I lived with my grandmother from the ages of 4 to 13 as a result of my mother’s inability to take care of me. When I was 13 and my sister 14, we were sent to live with my mother upon her request. Shortly after we moved to New York, she started using drugs again. She became physically abusive which resulted in our placement into the system. Both my sister and I went to different places and never returned to my mother until we aged out of care. I wish I could tell you that t

My ExHusband Was Married When I Met Him

Written By: Felecia Causey Model: Dibresha Standberry (Dibresha Standberry is only a model for this post, she is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story) I met my husband at a family function, when he came over with my cousin. I had moved out of town for college, so I had lost contact with a lot of people. I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had the prettiest smile and green eyes. I wasn't aware he was married until he propose to me, one year after what I thought was a relationship. With the feelings I had for him, I really didn't care, and I just wanted to be with him. The first time I encountered the ex-wife was when we met her to pick up their daughter. If looks could kill, I would of died on site. Even with the hatred on her face for me, there was hurt in her eyes. It didn't take hardly any time for the divorce to become final. We immediately got married, since I wouldn't allow him to move in with me unt

Loving Me Just The Way I Am

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos By: Felecia Causey Models: Misty Davis, Tamara Zeigler, and Brittney Artis The industry, the television, the Internet, and social media has pounded women,  with the idea of the perfect body . The message being sent to women is that they are not pretty or skinny enough. Images of females bodies are everywhere. Women bodies are used to sale mostly everything. The importance of a thin body has been used as a measure of a woman's worth. "Ordinary" women have received the message that they are always in need of refinement. The females body is looked on as an object, used for verbal abuse. The reminder of her body's imperfection can be a constant criticism and put downs. As a mother to a 12 years old girl, I am constantly telling her how beautiful she is, and that beauty is more than skin deep. I tell her to embrace every flaw or imperfection and love herself. Many of us feel insecure, compares ourselves to others, and find

With God, I Am Truely My Brother's Keeper

I was nineteen years old when I received the most devastating news of my life. I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was February 2,2002 and I remember it was a very cold, gloomy and rainy day. My mother and I had to go to her doctor's office to get the results of her biopsy. The ride to the doctor's office was silent. I know my mother was worried because she was silent to . Which was strange because she wasn't a very quiet woman unless she was in deep thought. For several months my mother kept telling her regular doctor that she was worried about the lump she had in her right breast. Her doctor would brush it off and say to her. Ms. Acoff you're to young to have breast cancer. My mother had a gut feeling that she had breast cancer and it was confirmed on that dreadful day in February. When the doctor said those four words that would change the course of my life forever, "you have breast cancer", my heart sunk. As soon as I heard those wo

Somebody Prayed For Me: When I Almost Lost My Mind Losing My Daughter To Gun Violence

My name is Kendra Monea Kendrick , and I am a mother of four beautiful kids. My life was affected by gun violence , when I lost my 6 year old daughter. I still have trouble going to her grave site, but when I do go I know she is with me , because the wind is constantly blowing. I don't go like I should but I go enough for her to know that mommy is always here. I thank GOD for bringing me this far  I know He will never leave me....I ALMOST LET GO ! On January 4th , I lost my daughter  She was shot with a SKS. She got shot in the side and it went through her back. That morning was the worst day of my life. Our home was shot up around 3:37 A.M. They called it a drive-by . All I heard was a lot of loud noises that sound like bombs and the smell was awful, I thought our house was blowing up because it was gas . I never thought somebody was actually shooting it up , after it was done I didn't notice my daughter was hit until I seen her shirt, and all I could do was panic

Had To Remember Who Was In Control

Photos: Felecia Causey Written By: Jazzlind Sickle Cell is a genetic blood disorder where the red blood cell are crescent shaped. Due to this abnormal shape the red blood cells do not last as long and they don’t carry the adequate amounts of oxygen. The sickled shape causes all types of problems for the patient the main one being episodes of severe pain called crisis. My parents found out about my diagnosis at birth and I had my first crisis at 6 months old and it has been on and popping from there. I can remember spending every birthday and holiday in the hospital until I was maybe 12 years old. We were there so much we basically knew the nurses personally. Me being sick did not really affect school until my high school years. I always maintained good grades even though I missed quite often. I don’t remember being treated differently in elementary school but middle school was a different ball game. I was teased because my eyes were jaundice (yellow) but nothing too major I mo

The Fear of: A Soon To Be Divorce Single Mom

Written By: Felecia Causey Model: Kayla King (Kayla King is only a model for this post, she is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story) I knew when I married my high school sweetheart, that I would be a homemaker. After the birth of my 2nd child I had gained a lot of weight.  When my 3rd baby came, I just didn't find the time to workout, and eating healthy was out the door, because with three little ones, I grabbed and ate, what I could, when I could. My me time was when, everyone went to sleep, and I had the opportunity to read a good book. I noticed the relationship was changing after five years into our marriage. My husband constantly went hunting or fishing after work or on the weekends. I tried not to complain because I chose the role to be a stay at home mom. I didn't get vacation or sick days. I was consumed 24/7 being a mother, a doctor, teacher, wife, maid, and much more. I kept finding myself being unhappy, but my love for my kids made

I Want More Than Just A Ring and Title

Written By: Felecia Causey Model: Jakendra Holloway I am at the point in my life , where I am seeing all my friends and some of family members I grew with up with, that are getting married and starting families. I was/am genuinely happy for each wedding and engagement I have came across. I was excited to see the proposal videos or engagement photos, posted on social media. I would ask myself,  "when would that be me?". Although each proposal was slightly different from each other, what it did show every time was two happy people who looked in love. Many people I know gave their now fiance or husband a time frame to get married or propose to them. I also had some friends trying to beat someone else to the alter or they grew impatient of not having the title as a wife. The same ones who rushed for engagement are either with a cheater, someone who doesn't work, or someone who doesn't even take care of their kids from previous relat