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January Blog

There is an expression I constantly use “people change like the weather”, it is indeed a true statement. As someone who have experienced the different mood swings and betrayal of not just strangers, but also family, this is something I had to teach myself, that people are human. We allow ourselves to put so much dependency and trust into so many close to us that we become crushed and hurt, when the expectation that we had on a person, lets you down.  It then becomes a hard pill to swallow, and we are devastated and we allow ourselves to be put into a box of not allowing anyone else   in.  I want you to know I have been there more times than I can count.   I have learned from my own experience that you can’t allow what someone has done to you affect you in allowing your future divine connections to be cut off or missed. Every person have a season in your life.   As I grew older, I didn’t really understand what that meant “a season”. I wanted to know did that mean like fall, summer, fa