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Interview With Artist Jennifer Volcy

Photos Provided BY: Jennifer Volcy   Please share with my readers a little about yourself.           My name is Jennifer Volcy. I am a visual artist from Toronto, Canada. However, I am currently based in Southern California. I specialize in oil and acrylic portraiture. When I’m not painting, I’m busy being an attorney.     Tell me what inspired you to start doing art? ·         I have loved art my entire life. It was always my favorite class in school because I loved creating things. However, I started painting a lot more during law school. I found that because law school could be so rigid, I needed a creative outlet to balance everything else out.     How long have you been painting? ·         Since childhood. However, I started sharing my work publicly and selling my work around 2015.   In your opinion, what was the hardest part of putting your artwork out there? ·         Sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking because you never know how someone will react to your work. When

Mom's Looking for the Perfect Getaway

 Written By: Felecia's Photography Good mothers are some of the most underrated people on Earth. What do I mean by some moms? A lot of women want the title of being a mother, but not the responsibility. It’s a 24/7 job. It’s hard to get away and have some me time, because moms, like me , are always putting the kids' needs and wants before themselves.  I don’t complain, because it's my norm. I chose the role and chose to give my all, even now they are practically adults.  Yes, I still fix them breakfast, make sure they have school lunches, and snacks before they attend after school activities, work, or sports. I do not have the layout of what the perfect mother is supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. I do know that moms sometimes need relaxation time. Most of us feel guilty that we should ask such a thing, but to be mentally healthy for those babies and mostly yourself you need to get away. When it comes to finally treating yourself, you are willing to sacrifice

Featuring Interview with Cake Designer Nicole of OKC Cake Lady

Photos Provided By Nicole   Me: Hi Nicole! How did you start your passion for designing cakes and where are you located? Hi! I am located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I started working at a grocery store whenever I was 18 years old. I have always been a car Enthusiast and I had a mini truck that I was fixing up as a hobby. The grocery store manager asked if I wanted to work in the bakery to get more hours. Well, more hours equaled more money for my truck, and I kindly took them up on their offer. From there, I started in the bakery, and I absolutely loved it. I could not get enough of getting to create and putting smiles on customers faces. Me: What made you take a leap into starting your own business? I have always loved business. When I walk into other people's stores, I always look for ways to try to improve their store in my head. So, after working in the bakery for years I just knew that I could do this on my own and I would be a lot happier. I knew that being in my own environm

Featuring Tea Town in Montgomery, AL

Written By: Felecia Causey Tea Town is a family-owned restaurant located in Montgomery, AL.  It’s in a great location right off Vaughn Road, close to the AMC movie theater. The first thing that caught my attention was how clean it was.  I enjoyed how peaceful it seemed.  Oh, my goodness, my readers and followers know how important good customer service is to me.  The entire family that was there was so welcoming. I was impressed when they asked if I had any food allergies.  That was very courteous of them.    I wanted to get a little more background of this family.  Just by talking to Buu and Brandi I knew they were aiming to build relationships with their customers. Watching the interactions between them and each person that came through the door, told me that they would treat their customers like family.  It will definitely set them apart from many other restaurants in my book. Phat Trieu and Cam Thai came from Vietnam along with their kids.   They have been cooking for years and

Featuring Lauren Tarpley, Author and Breast Cancer Survivor

  Photography By: Jody Mack Photography Photos also provided by: Lauren Me: Hi Lauren, thanks so much for the opportunity to be on my blog. Can you please share with everyone just a little about yourself? Hi! My name is Lauren and I am 37. I live in Charleston and I work in tech. I have been married for 5 1/2 years and I am a mother of two kiddos: a 4yr old son and a 4-month-old  daughter... I had my son before cancer and my daughter after. They ( all) keep  me on my toes!  Me: You were diagnosed with breast cancer at what age? I was diagnosed at the age of 34 with Stage 2 breast cancer.  Me: I know many are curious, to know what the signs were for you. What made you get checked? I had a nagging and dull pain in my armpit, high blood pressure that came out of nowhere, it was nearly unresponsive to meds, my acid reflux was unresponsive to meds,  and I had inexplicable weight gain.  Me: Did you have a good support system team? I had an amazing support system in my family. Both our parent

Featuring: Treats by Gifted Owner Crystal in Montgomery, AL

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Photos Also Provided by CJ   Who loves sweets and good customer service? Treats By Gifted is the place to receive both.  The presentation, location, and customer service were amazing. Let's meet the person behind the treats and the new bakery in Montgomery, Al. Crystal. Dorian, Ms.Betty, and her welcomed my daughter and I “with open arms”.  My first question to Crystal was what her motivation was, and how did her journey start with baking desserts and creating these amazing sweets. Crystal said as a young girl, around the age of her son, Dorian, she would bake with her mother. After her son was born, she began to bake more.   “When my son’s birthday came around, I realized it was feasible for me to make his cake myself. It all started as a side hustle until two years ago, Treats by Gifted became a full-time business.  I left my job with a leap of faith to open my bakery.  God wanted me out of my comfort zone.  The financial