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Hey, thank you, thank you so much for following me. I am just loving the fact how so many you anticipate on my next blog. I really want to send a special shout to those that allow me to share you stories on my blog. I pray that God bless you with a double portion for allowing your stories to help others.        I want to share that there are still some good people. I know we have asked our self many time after encountering a rude, horrible, and disrespectful individual, "are there still any good people". I was at work one day, and after dealing with a dreadful customer, a friendly customer comes up a few minutes later. He gave me a hundred dollars, and then told me to give the guy $20.00 on his grocery bill. I was appalled because this man was a complete stranger to this soldier, but wanted to give him something for his service. As many of you read it, you may say, that's not a big deal, but to me it is. We have to realize a person don't have to do anything for you