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Just Give Your Child Love

Hasn't it been wonderful to watch your belly grow? One of the most important things we can do for our children is to teach them unconditional love. As a mother, we know that our child need love to thrive. Love is a great thing to start teaching your child, from the moment, you are expecting. Many women wonder will it be hard to give your child something you weren't given as a child. You learn as you go and follow what feel right to you. During a woman pregnancy, babies hear, and feel what their mother feel.   Embrace the life as he or she grows inside of you. When you become a mother you breathe and sacrifice for the well being of your child. Patience is the best quality a mother can have. As a mother we all want the best for our children, so much, that we are scared of not doing the right thing. The best gift and answer is love.  

Love See No Color

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos by: Felecia Causey Does it matter that someone you love, looks different than you? A word with such a big meaning, but not an easy thing to measure. When it comes to love, culture, background, or even having a different skin color, it can detour the feelings of a person because of the many judgements. As much as I am sadden, how the world and social media, impacts people around us, in such an ugly way,  love is not as simple as it is often portrayed on TV. Can there be enough love for someone even if you and the other person look differently on the outside? I met this couple, several years ago, when they were expecting their first child. Kacy is very organized, creative, outspoken, and a great a mother, and Rinaulti, laid back and a great family man. They are so different, but have one thing in common, their  love for one another.    You having feelings for someone, regardless of how different that person personality is or even,

Dear Women:Let Us Stop Tearing Each Other Down

Written By Felecia Causey Models: Yolacia Davidson & Sabreya St.George If we women can break the girl versus girl mentality, there is so much we could do together. Why do so many try to hurt each other, instead of lifting each other up?  Growing up as a young girl the constant competition of "always be better or popular," have caused many of us to carry that into our adulthood. There have been several times I've been disgusted, how women drag each other on social media. It can be the spread of rumors or the argument over a man.  In a world where war and violence are very common, I don't know anything more encouraging than to pray for the other woman. Yes, a woman may not use her fist to cause pain, but can inflict emotional pain against each other. Many women are all dealing with some of the same challenges or same insecurities, that we can't even give the next woman a compliment. I am sure we all have played the inflicted and the inflictor.  

#Stop the Bullying, We Are All Different

Written By: Felecia Causey There is a growing problem in our society called bullying. The behavior is often dismissed as an unfortunate part of growing up. Many young kids and even adults have taken their lives because the pain of being tormented, and being embarrassed became to much. We live in a world of technology in which lies and rumors can be spread within minutes. Every girl wants to be liked and accepted, but unfortunately there will always be a person who dislike themselves, so they will have the need to pull others down. It's up to parents, teachers, family, and role models to help break the cycle of bullies or people being bullied. As mothers to daughters we need to continue to help them  realize their self-worth, and to look for a positive impact for this world. You need to assure them their isn't anyone perfect, and when growing up, there will always be someone smaller and prettier, but there will only be one of her. As parents, it is up to us, to celeb

I Wouldn't Trade Him For Anything

Jordan Roberts is from Tallassee, Alabama.  He was diagnosed at birth with Mosaic Down Syndrome. He's very smart, he stays on the honor roll, and he's very helpful around the house. His favorite thing to do is fold clothes and he's great at it. He's as independent as he can be, but yet learning. I'm very honored to be his mom. He's very protective of his brother and I. Traylen spends a lot of time with him. Basketball is his favorite sport and his brother shoots ball with him a lot. His brother plays football and Jordan is his biggest fan. Yes, they bump heads at times, but no one else can mess with them.   Going to church and praying at night is a must. He calls everybody names out in his prayers. He really love his family. I wouldn't trade him for nothing. Being his mom is awesome. I love my Jort Jort. Kids with Down syndrome Rock!!!

Do You Want To Beat This Or Will You Let It Beat You

Photos By:Felecia Causey My name is Tammika Jordan, and I'm an eight years breast cancer survivor.  I was 33 years old,   when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated and I was wondering how can I go from getting a breast reduction, quickly turn into me having breast cancer.  I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was out of town in New York City on vacation with my mom and kids, when I realize as I was drying off, after I took a shower, that my breast was looking bigger than the normal size. I  decided to send my mom a picture, and she replied laughing "they have always been that size." I felt uncomfortable, so she convinced me to go to the doctor when I got back home.  I went to the doctor, and everything came back good. My doctor asked, me did I want to have a breast reduction. I agreed,  so he sent me to see a plastic surgeon. The procedure was going well until the surgeon had to close me up, when he found a mass. The moment he explained t

Featuring: NICU Miracles and Their Mothers

Photos By: Felecia Causey Mothers: Karlee Lancaster, Shakayla  Ivey, and Ashley Adams with their kids In the United States one in eight babies are born preterm. The isn't anything that can prepare a parent, when their baby has to be rushed away to NICU. Many parents who have NICU babies encounters different emotions, and seeing their baby hooked to wires is an experience they will not easily forget. Since, last month was NICU Awareness month, I have a few mothers who shared their preemie miracles story with recent photos of them taken by me. On March 16, 2011, I woke up at 8:30 AM feeling very uncomfortable so I told my Mom. She explained to me that it was probably braxton hicks since, I had just turned 31 weeks. I had just had my 4D ultrasound two days before, so she didn't think anything could really be going on. Finally, five hours later she took me to my doctors office. They could immediately see how uncomfortable I was and checked me. I was 9 cm dilated and

Feeling Comfortable In My Own Skin and Having Faith

    Photos Courtesy of Jeairy Written By: Jeairy I'm a 34 years old Latina, born and raised in Puerto Rico. During my school years, I was bullied for several reasons. Thankfully, my parents taught me at an early age not only to believe in myself, but also to stand up for myself, and never allow anyone to belittle me. It helped me grow humble, develop a tough skin, and be confident about myself and have strong faith.       Latin Americans celebrates Quinceanera, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood in a girl's life. It is a big deal for our culture. Instead of choosing to have a traditional "fiesta; I opted out to go on a trip with my family and one of my best friend.     A couple of months later, hurricane George crossed Puerto Rico, in September of 1998. Due to the hurricane impact on the island , some municipalities where without electric power for over a month including where my parents live. A month after the h