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Featuring Epicure and Jack's Tavern Millbrook Alabama


Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey

I had the chance to go to Jack's Tavern and Epicure, a local family-owned restaurant. Just to be clear, I adore this restaurant, which isn't your typical one. I like that it provides a setting for everyone to enjoy under one roof. This is the place if you're looking for a nice family meal, a night out for the girls with a stripper pole, a night out for the guys to watch a game on a big screen, a business meeting where you can hook up your business slides, a place to lounge and relax while sipping from a wide wine selection, or even just to grab takeout.

David, the owner, and his beautiful wife were really nice.

It seemed like you were walking into a museum. Anything antique draws attention to me. I enjoy good food, museums, and friendly service. Every customer that came in and went out had intimate interaction with the owner. Like me, those who spend their hard-earned money prefer to do so to have wonderful experiences, delicious meals, and, most importantly, a sense of being valued.

He informed me that the majority of the d├ęcor was either donated or given as a present by friends and family. 

I took advantage of the opportunity to tour the entire restaurant to see all the elements that went into making this place.

I am aware that everyone is excited about the food details. Just after the lunch rush, I went to visit them. I was able to discover everything about their menu. Sauces and cakes are created at the restaurant. To put it simply, when you hear "in-house made and from scratch," you will usually be treated to some very tasty meals.

This is the ideal restaurant if you enjoy eating meat. They have country fried steak, pot roast, barbecued bacon meatloaf, and wings, among other things. My pasta and seafood lovers need not worry; there are plenty of options available for you too.

Photo from Epicure and Jack's Facebook 

Photo from Epicure and Jack's Tavern Facebook 

Photo from Epicure and Jack's Tavern Facebook 

Dessert after dinner is a requirement if your family is anything like mine. They provide a few choices. I can see why this is one of their best-selling items simply by glancing at the photo. It appears to be quite tasty. 

Photo from Epicure and Jack's  Tavern

I had the chance to sample their smoked wings, served with fries. Alright, let me admit that I enjoy wings.  They were buffalo-smoked wings and let me just say that I've discovered a new favorite way to eat wings.  The fries were so hot and good. 

Like me, I'm sure you grow tired of the same old thing when you go out to dine with your family. This is your chance to venture out and try something new. Imagine, ladies, going out on a night with your girlfriends to enjoy some freedom, champagne, and music while swinging on a pole.

You can find this restaurant at 2060 Downing Street; Millbrook, Al

Make sure to view their menu and offers by visiting their Facebook page.

FACEBOOK: Epicure & Jack's Tavern

Readers who would like to share their experiences with me are welcome to leave a message.

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