Felecia's Spot "NOVEMBER"

I am so excited to start blogging. Please forgive me if you see any mistakes, I have been so  fortunate and blessed to do what I love.... I want to start my blog off by telling a little about what Felecia's Photography offers. I will first start with newborn and maternity sessions. Newborns are so sweet and precious. The best time to capture those precious pictures are the first two weeks of being born. When including siblings, please make sure they have had their naps. Kids can become cranky, make the parents cranky, and then the session will not be fun or pleasant. Make sure the baby has been fed at least 30 minutes before the session. If you are with a photographer, who are charging by the time, as myself, you may want to take that in consideration. I had one session one time where the baby cried the whole the entire...... time.  Pick an appointment time around the baby's schedule.... Maternity Pictures are my favorite.  The beauty of moth