Featuring Interview with Cake Designer Nicole of OKC Cake Lady

Photos Provided By Nicole

 Me: Hi Nicole! How did you start your passion for designing cakes and where are you located?

Hi! I am located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I started working at a grocery store whenever I was 18 years old. I have always been a car Enthusiast and I had a mini truck that I was fixing up as a hobby. The grocery store manager asked if I wanted to work in the bakery to get more hours. Well, more hours equaled more money for my truck, and I kindly took them up on their offer. From there, I started in the bakery, and I absolutely loved it. I could not get enough of getting to create and putting smiles on customers faces.

Me: What made you take a leap into starting your own business?

I have always loved business. When I walk into other people's stores, I always look for ways to try to improve their store in my head. So, after working in the bakery for years I just knew that I could do this on my own and I would be a lot happier. I knew that being in my own environment I could create more cakes and just have the freedom that I needed. I knew that I would not have limits set that had previously been holding me back.

Me: If you have to select one thing about what you do that makes it worth the challenging times, what would it be?

It would 100% be the smiles that I get to see on the customer's faces and the reactions in general. Some of these cakes are extremely challenging and they can be stressful at times due to you getting in your own head. But all that stress and anxiety is so worth it whenever you get the feedback from the customers.

Me: What would you say is the most challenging in doing what you love?

I would say the most challenging thing is not wanting to charge what your work is worth. There are times that I will not charge as much just because I simply want to make the cake and create. It is tough because I still have bills and other things I need to save for. So, that would definitely be it.

Me: How does it feel to see the growth of when you first started?

It is an absolute surreal feeling. I believe more times than not I do not realize the growth. I am reminded by customers, friends, and family. It is an amazing feeling overall; I really can't put this one into words due to the fact that it's hard to put happiness into words a lot of the time.

Me: What's a funny or horrible experience that's very memorable to you that you had with a client before?

One funny experience that I can think of off the top of my head is whenever I delivered a bride and groom's cake. The groom's cake was chicken wings. It was really funny to hear and see people's reactions about the cake as it sat there when I brought it in. People really thought that it was real chicken wings. The confusion on people's faces and the questions were just hilarious to me.

Me: Your work is amazing. What would you say is your favorite cake that has ever been done up to date?

The blue angel cake that I made would be my favorite cake. It was a very memorable experience overall. Getting to see The Prestige Blue Angels come in and glance over at the cake and smile was something that I'll never forget. Getting to meet the first female Blue Angel pilot and her asking questions about the cake was very awesome. To be able to present a cake of that magnitude to people who you look up to, literally, was absolutely amazing.

Me: You offer an array of cakes for different events, how can people that are in the area that see this blog contact you for a personalized cake?

The best way to contact me would be through my website which is Www.theokccakelady.com, all of my information is located on my website. Unfortunately, I cannot ship the cakes, but I do deliver in Oklahoma and around some of the surrounding states.

Me: Please share your social media pages so that people can see your next new creative masterpiece.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Okccakelady

Instagram: Www.instagram.com/Okccakelady

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/Okccakelady

OKC Cake Lady

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