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Birth Photos Behind Felecia's Camera

I was inspired to do birth photo sessions last year. It was something I knew was not a big demand, here in Montgomery, but I just took the chance and start doing it. When women give birth there are so many emotions going on. They are excited, nervous, and filled with joy. They are so caught up in the then, until they don't even think about the memories they would like to have after. Is investing in birth photography worth it? Honestly not just from a photographer view, but as a mother stand point, it is one of the best investment or gifts you can give to yourself.     Although I have two kids of my own, I never experienced a vaginal birth with either of them.  ( I was so nervous about having surgery that I really never thought about birth photography, but thanks to their father, they will have awesome photos to view when they get older of their birth. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated that moment until after I did their scrap books. I realize that I w

Kouture Kidz "Frozen In Time"

Considering the many events that simultaneously happening in Montgomery and the surrounding area, it's all to hard to attend and choose from them all. I was so delighted when Althea Ross, the director of Kouture Kidz offered me the opportunity for my daughter and I to attend her fashion show, titled " Frozen In Time" at the Embassy Suite Hotel in downtown Montgomery on December 3. I captured some behind the scenes before the show started. The designers, boutique owners, and store representative were very busy preparing the young models to get ready for the runway. I even captured Althea's daughter backstage. The show began with a prayer and Althea introducing herself. We sat and watched as the different models came down the walkway. My daughter enjoyed it and so did I. Be sure to check out one of the upcoming shows next year, and you can find them on facebook at Kouture Kidz.

Jackson's Family Christmas Session Surprise

 I have known Danielle and Stephan every since they were expecting the handsome little guy in the photo. I did there wedding and many family sessions for them. They are very loyal customers. I have enjoyed watching this little guy grow.    They came to get their Christmas session done. I tell Danielle every time I see them, he is indeed his dad's twin. When Danielle called me and ask to make this session a little more special, I was all in and excited.  The little guy wants to share a secret... Guess what he's about to be a big brother What a great gift. I can't wait to do you all maternity photos. Thank you guys so much..! Merry Christmas. ~Felecia

Maternity Photo Session Advice from Felecia

Maternity sessions as you all who have followed me know, they are some of my favorite memories to capture. I am in love with the simplicity and raw emotions.  I enjoy both indoors and outdoors. The most popular questions I am usually asked is should I do indoor or outdoor photos and what should I wear. With this blog I hope to answer as many questions on the subjects as possible. If you are planning to do your maternity session outdoors, you must know the pros and the cons. The number one reason you should choose outdoors, if you are a fan of natural light as myself. The next one is, an on-location offers your own individual style. You can also be more relaxed and I can capture candid shots with you , you husband/significant other, and kids.  The con of outdoors photos is the weather can be unpredictable. The day of your session it could be extremely hot, and if you have your make-up done, you don't want it to be ruin due to sweat. It could even rain that day. If you

I Fought Because I Didn't Want To Die

Ms. Chrystal is a ball of fire and a diva. I did her story on one of my first blog years ago, and I wanted to share it again. She has such a sweet spirit, and when I tell you this woman is a believer in God. I had never met Ms. Crystal until the day of our interview. Lets just say I felt like I had known her for a long time. She is very outspoken, strong willed, SINGLE, and fabulous. She is available gentlemen: however let me just tell you, you better have your "A" game right. I am Chrystal Calhoun and I am 40 years old. I have 3 kids ages 22, 19, and 17, and I am a 4 years breast cancer survivor. I first found my lump, when I was 35 years old. The first thing that came to my mind, if I die what would happen to my kids.  They were a lot younger then, so my main concern was with being a single parent, was what will happen to my kids if I was to die. I am not originally from Montgomery, all my family is back home, in another part of Alabama. I wanted to make sure tha

Scott's Christmas Session

I met this couple several years ago when I did their engagement and wedding photos. Fast forward they have almost a three years old little boy together. The oldest has gotten so big, and I remember him from the wedding, he was not to much taller than his baby brother. It was cold, but everyone toughed it out, and we had a successful session. Thank you guys so much..! Have a Happy Holidays

Will Brave The Storm Again For My Rainbow

Growing up I dreamed of becoming a mother like most little girls. Due to some medical issues, I was told I would never be able to have kids and if I ever did get pregnant it wouldn't be with out a cost. When I was 19, I met my now husband. He was 17 and honestly I don't think we expected our life to become what it has. 1 year and 11 months  ago I received a Facebook message from an old friend. We were not on good terms and hadn't been for awhile. She said “hey I want to call you and talk to you about something important or on here is fine” I replied with my number and waited on her to call me. I didn't know that what she wanted to ask would change our lives forever. I remember the day like it was yesterday she was five months pregnant and wanted us to adopt the baby. At first I was so confused and didn't know what to think I knew I needed to talk it over with my husband I was so afraid he would say no. He didn't want kids yet but I did and the thought