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I Couldn't Believe I Gave Birth and Lost My Son All At The Same Time

Photography: Felecia Causey Featuring: Shainese Mcclendon My name is Shainese and I’m 24 years old. I want to share my story on how I lost my son. Everything started on my 20th birthday, when I went out to eat and shop with my family, when a sudden pain hit me. I decided to go lay down at my cousin's house and sleep it off. When I woke up I was still having very bad pains. I rushed to the restroom, where I threw up every where. I was in so much pain, I collapsed on the floor and yelled for help. My cousin rushed me to the ER, where I was admitted by my doctor. He later informed me that I had pre-eclampsia, and was told I would have to be rushed to Birmingham, AL. The first week I was there they told me, that I would have to deliver him early due to my high blood pressure. I was afraid because they couldn't get it down. I was also scared I was going to lose, the only person that would love me no matter what. As the week went by, everything was fine.  After two

Be The Best Parent Before Trying to Be The Best Friend

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Shalanda Jones and her daughter Amari Jones, Meeshia Hurst and her daughter Shaniah Hurst As women, we know female friendships are complicated at all ages. As mothers we play both the nurturer, and disciplinary, amongst many other things. This generation of mothers and daughters, have a more sisterly bond. I believe there is nothing wrong with being a friend to your child. I do believe it's very important that you find a balance in being the parent and friend.   Unfortunately, many young girls don't have the luxury of a healthy relationship or no bond at all with their mothers. Meeshia and Shaniah When I was a young woman, growing up, I thought my mother was strict and unfair. I can now say that she had good intentions and she is now my best friend. As I am a mother to my daughter, I now,  realize my mom gave me the main things I needed: love and discipline. I want to m

Featuring: A Wedding In Malibu, CA on Zuma Beach

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Bride and Groom: Jeff and Sharon Silverman Envision your wedding day at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California. From gorgeous beach background, sunshine, and beautiful warm weather, a wedding there makes for a perfect destination to create memories to share for a lifetime. Malibu beautiful scenery has become a premiere location for a destination wedding. There are many venues there, that can offer you an experience that is above all else. When trying to imagine Malibu with it's desirable views, the location is irrestible and one of the most spectacular spots I've had the opportunity of visiting. I was blessed to have captured Jeff's and Sharon's wedding nuptials there.     The sun was shinning, the weather was great, and the views were absolutely stunning. For all soon-to-be wed couples who are beach loving, sun seeking, and destination wedding dreamers here is a location I think you should chec

What If It Was Your Sister

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Zamaya and Jontyria Hurst  Social media, text messages, and rumors have been used as a tool of destroying another woman’s life, reputation, and self-esteem. If you're a young woman out there, and you are maliciously being mean, ask yourself what if that was my sister. Young women we live in a world where we face inequality and unrestrained sexism everywhere we turn. We shouldn’t hate one another, because it doesn’t solve a thing. Did you know kindness can be contagious? In life we want to be treated with respect, but unfortunately we are not always given that luxury.   Your unconditional love for your sister can not be measured, despite of the many disagreements between each other. Your instinct is to protect her from heartaches and disappointments. The next time you decide to humiliate or intentionally hurt another young woman, remember that could of have easily been her. Y

Does The Size and Price of a Ring Really Matters?

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Kareem and Lamesa Howard I t was such a huge controversy on social media about the price of a ring from a well known jewelry store. Women were making videos and debating if they would accept a proposal or be married to a man that couldn't give them an expensive ring . The ideal engagement to most people is a high-priced jewel.  Yes, when it comes to ring trends retailers, the bridal industry, and celebrities, huge and expensive is the way to go. We must stop and ask ourselves, will a materialistic thing,  buy "true" love and save a marriage/relationship? Many of us that are married, I am sure wasn't able to purchase a huge diamond in the beginning. You chose what you could afford, to be used  for a symbolic object for the ceremony, and was not pressured to impress family and peers. On earlier this year I asked my Facebook followers to give me their opinions. I had severa

Motivating Young Men to Want to Suceed In A Society That Assumes They Will Fail

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Zach and Omari McMurray There is no greater hope for parents than to watch their son(s) succeed. Building character and responsibility are part of the agenda on raising a great man. With all the negative attention given in the media about young men, continue to encourage them to always be their best. He will grow up to learn that he is born into a place where you are judged by your appearance, rather than character. He will sometime be perceived as dangerous and physically threatening, differently than maybe his best friend, team mate, or a gentlemen in the room. As a parent, mentor, coach, and teacher, we need to push, pray, and continue to assure them, that there are successful men, that look just like him. Teach your son(s) that success is always built upon risk, personal development, and change. Show them how they can reach their goals by learning to use the pain and the judging as tools for motiva

Featuring Ashley's Maternity Session

Written By: Felecia Causey Photos: Felecia Causey Featuring Ashley Riggans I was honored to have one of my followers, Ashley, message about photographing her maternity photos. She told me she had been following me for years. Ashley looked so radiant. We started the shoot indoors. She selected a black lingerie and robe for her first look. For her 2nd look, she chose a white gown with one of my handmade headpiece. The time of her session at the end of January was nice weather and sunny, even though it had threatened to rain. Alabama's weather can be so unpredictable. For Ashley last look, she chose a beautiful red maternity gown. I felt like it flowed beautifully on this windy day. I always love when moms choose my "triple play" maternity package, where the sessions are not rushed, and she has unlimited time and wardrobe changes.

Gun Violence Affects Many People

Written By Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Featuring: LaShundra Maldon and her daughter Michaela LaShundra and her daughter are part of the thousands who have been affected by gun violence. As I have featured several mothers who have lost a child to this, they shared how the grief and pain seemed unbearable.  The consequences of this heinous ordeal, has impacted communities and families. There are so many families bearing the burden of spending the holidays without their love ones, because of this horrible painful experience. It's time to end the violence, because the gruesome results have shattered many that are left behind. The long-term emotional impact can be severe. It has become an issue that has extended beyond our nation. Many are praying and prayed for this epidemic to stop. P arents, spouses, and children don't ever get over the loss, and they try to keep the memories of the person alive. As we all strive to change the world for the be

Learn to Accept Your Family For Who They Are and Love Them

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Vanessa Hunter, Kelsi Vickers, and Keldrix Vickers Most of us enjoyed celebrating the holidays and our traditions last year. There were many emotions we all had to face. It may even became stressful from the shopping, anxiety because of family gatherings or even depression because of the lost of a love one. Many people were not fortunate to have family or someone to share the holidays with them. It made them not look forward to it or be in the mood for it. Christmas was when we gave gifts and shared family time. There were some people that may not have celebrated like others, but it was a time to get together and enjoy our loved ones. I am sure many of us feel like our families can be dysfunctional, but unfortunately we're not able to choose our relatives. We have to learn that you can't change people, so you have to accept them as they are. Let's learn from the recent holidays that we need t

Teaching Our Girls Self Love and Love For One Another

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Harmonee Parks, Kamora Benett, Aaliyah People, Jada People, Jamil Young, and Jamaya Young On last year, I was hit with a young child, that my family had known, that committed suicide. It hurt my son a lot. It left him with many questions and confusion. It was difficult to explain to a 10 year old, on why this happened. It was something we saw on TV, in magazines, or on social media, but I never thought it would affect someone we knew personally. As I attended my daughter's basketball games last year,  I watched as some of the girls just seemed so angry. The worst part was some of the parents boosted this behavior.  I understood this was a competitive sport, but I was curious, where was the sportsmanship. The world is cruel enough, and as adults, we have to teach these young women to love themselves and each other. We have to tell them, there isn't anyone that is the same or perfect.

On The Road To Embracing Everything About Me

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Model: Ashley Norman Our biggest critic is the person that looks back at us in the mirror. Have you ever wondered, why they didn't teach a class in school on learning to accept who we are?  Coming to accept who you are can be emotionally and physically draining. You have to learn to accept your flaws and all imperfections. You have to embrace them, love yourself, and be okay to be just you. Many of us will be judged from our past, but once you allow yourself to realize you're not in the past anymore it can longer affect you. What they try to throw at you can no longer be a weapon, that can be used to weaken the strong person you are. As you walk down this road of life realize we are not able to change others' perspective on what they think of us. One of my favorite sayings is "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change," It gives me inspiration to realize that life go