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Featuring Author and Motivational Speaker Khanyisa Mnyaka

Photos Provided By: Khanyisa I had the opportunity to interview author, entrepreneur, traveler, and motivational speaker Khanyisa Mnyaka. Be sure to follow on her on Instagram @khanyisamnyaka.  My name is Khanyisa Mnyaka, 34 years old,  from South Africa. I identify as a strong, black, African lesbian. I have a BA degree in Psychology and an AM in Gender and Peace building. I’m currently living and traveling through Australia. My life is at its most peaceful when I have a trip planned :-). I’m an entrepreneur with established businesses in the Philippines and an author of Traveling While Black and Lesbian.  **You are an author of a book called Traveling While Black and Lesbian? Please tell me what inspired you to write this book.  Also include where your book may purchased . I absolutely love to travel. It has changed my life in so many ways; I’ve done things I never dreamt I could do in my life. However, everywhere I’ve been, black people are in the minority. I’ve gone

Yes, Mama Need A Vacation

Written By:Felecia Causey Model Mom: Dandria Mclean As a full time stay at home mother, and I am not apologizing for saying it's a 24/7 job. I always try to put the kids and house first.  I try to stay organized , be cheerful, and stay on top of every single detail. I was starting to feel guilty because I am constantly finding myself needing a moment to myself. I think many moms can agree, that they need to know who they are beyond the mother. With kids 12 and 14 years old, I have only been away from them, ONCE overnight. I'm not complaining, because it wasn't that I couldn't,  I chose to share every moment with them. Besides "me" time was something I rarely have because of my mommy-to-do list. I've felt guilty and was worried about the backlash for wanting or needing to do so. I began to ask myself should I start taking a little time off to recharge myself. As I plan for my upcoming getaways I have begin to feel nervous, but I've decide

Autism: God Give Children With Super Powers to Moms Who Are Superheros

Written By: Erica Marie Davis Photography By Felecia Causey Where do I begin? Everyday is a new day and I never know what to except with my sweet girl! In the last three years, I've had many sleepless nights.  The day I found out I was pregnant was the biggest shock to my doctor and I! We both started crying, he knew my medical history and all the surgeries and health complications I had gone through. I was told by several doctors, that I would never get pregnant.   I can honestly say, I had a perfect pregnancy but there were three times during the nine months I had some scares. Sarah was born four days late and was the perfect little baby. She met all her milestones on time, it wasn't until she was around four when something seemed different with her.  Her teacher at the time told us that she noticed that Sarah had little or no interaction with her peers, she always lined everything up in a specific order, and she could count to one hundred. At first I

Autism Warrior:He's A Light

Written By: Ebony Davis Photography: Felecia Causey Less than 13 percent. That’s the likelihood of survival that a doctor gave my son Isaiah, who was born at just 23 weeks. I believed that the greater percentage of life was indeed lost when the delivering doctor said that Isaiah’s heart was not beating. But, love prevailed, and my little boy soon gained a heartbeat and was on his way to five months of growth in a neonatal intensive care unit. You want to think that after not being able to hold your baby as soon as he opens his eyes in the world or after watching him fight for his life day after day before coming home, that you’ve experienced “enough” trauma for one lifetime and that all else should go well. But “we” mamas – the mothers with premature babies who experienced some kind of shortfall that may or not be connected to prematurity – know that that’s not how life works. The same roller coaster journey we experienced in the NICU might very well be a