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Featuring an Interview With Jennifer Pfautch Hardwick (Jae) on Mental Health, Self Care, and Grieving

Jae, thank you so much for being on my blog. Please tell my readers and myself who is the woman that speaks the truth(You) is ? Hi Felecia! Thanks for thinking of me for your blog. The me you see on IG is pretty much the me you’d get if you were my BFF. I am a Mother, a wife, a sister, daughter, friend, an advocate, and a gloriously imperfect human!  I’m passionate about helping others (women especially) to learn and live in their authentic self, their unique brilliance if you will. Honoring and living in our genuine self (who God made, not who society has tried to convince us to be) is where our power lies.  **What inspires you for most of these quotes or saying that I see on your Instagram? Either personal experience or the personal experience of those close to me. I share them because, all too often each of us feel like we’re the only one going through something or feeling a particular way, and that’s just not true. We’re all more similar than dissi

He Need Me and I Need Him Too

    Photography By: Felecia Causey Written By: Crystal January 19, 2018 Bryson E. was brought into the world via planned cesarean. In my eyes he was perfect but I did notice that the right side of his face was a bit bigger than the left, so on his newborn doctor visit I pointed it out to his doctor. His doctor said that sometimes babies lay more on one side and that we would revisit the concern when he turned 3 months old. At his 3 month old visit his doctor told me that he thought is was a malformation, a cyst hygroma to be exact and he also referred me to a Interventional radiologist at a children's hospital. The radiologist confirmed what his doctor thought it was and told me to make an appointment when Bryson turned one because he didn't want to put him through sclerotherapy at such a young age. I was totally fine with that because at the time it didn't pose a threat to his health. We went home and continued on with our lives. October 1, 2018

Featuring Interview with Sinikiwe Kademaunga

Please tell my readers a little about yourself? My name is Sinikiwe Kademaunga, born and raised in Zimbabwe. I was born with a disability. Grew up in a small village in Zimbabwe. My parents faced challenges accepting her condition. As a result, I found it difficult to deal with the fact that I was different and struggled with depression and loneliness at some points in her childhood life. My background is what motivate and inspires me today. I have since committed my life to spreading the gospel of self-love and positive thinking to as many people as I can come into contact with. Self-love is the foundation upon which happy and productive lives are unlocked. My motif is that self-love and positivity feeds the soul, mind for physical, emotional and mental well-being . Using my own life story, I am establishing myself as a life and personal development coach in both cooperate and social spaces. I hold a Bachelors’ Degree in Social Work from the University of Cape Town and a c

I Am Feeding My Baby, There Is Nothing to See Here

Written By: Felecia Causey Models: Mia Collins and Ja'Nay Knox Breastfeeding is one of those topics, that everyone have a different opinion.  Normalizing breastfeeding is a challenge that is ongoing in our society,  and mostly amongst family.  Did you know that breastfeeding can be both physically and mentally draining? The negative words coming from those close to a mother can be a lot of pressure. When she makes the decision to do what "she thinks" is best for her and her baby she is often shamed or criticized for that choice. I am sure there are many breastfeeding mothers, that can tell you some awkward, stressful, and hurtful moments that have occurred on this journey.  When people find something that they are not familiar with, especially in families, they quickly become judgmental. In most music videos or advertisement ad, women's breasts are commonly used to help push a promotion,  but the moment a mother decides to feed her baby in publi

Featuring: Lisa, A Cancer Survivor and Amputee Model

** Please tell a little about yourself. Hi I am Lisa 28 and come from Germany. At the age of 12, I suddenly had bone cancer with osteosarcoma in the thigh bone above the knee. At that time I had two years of chemotherapy and a major operation where my whole bone was replaced in my leg. The leg remained at that time, but the knee remained stiff for ever shortly after the operation I had initially 20° diffraction and Then it went down to 0°. No chance of improvement. I then ran around badly for 15 years with depression often and just wanted to change something. But there was no good operation for me that came into question. Until I finally came across the amputation and my doctor had recommended it to me. Then I decided to go this way in November then my annoying leg was taken off me and I am very happy now. Except for the phantom pain, everything is Super now. Have more mobility and more quality of life. I love my new body even before I hated my leg. ** What mad