Featuring: Lisa, A Cancer Survivor and Amputee Model

** Please tell a little about yourself.

Hi I am Lisa 28 and come from Germany. At the age of 12, I suddenly had bone cancer with osteosarcoma in the thigh bone above the knee. At that time I had two years of chemotherapy and a major operation where my whole bone was replaced in my leg. The leg remained at that time, but the knee remained stiff for ever shortly after the operation I had initially 20° diffraction and Then it went down to 0°. No chance of improvement. I then ran around badly for 15 years with depression often and just wanted to change something. But there was no good operation for me that came into question. Until I finally came across the amputation and my doctor had recommended it to me. Then I decided to go this way in November then my annoying leg was taken off me and I am very happy now. Except for the phantom pain, everything is Super now. Have more mobility and more quality of life. I love my new body even before I hated my leg.

** What made you become a vegan? Why is this important to you?

I came across a lot of information that just shocked me about animal cruelty and co. I could no longer reconcile it with my conscience and had been vegetarian for two years. I then learned a lot and saw a lot of documentaries that had changed my mind. Since then I live vegan and it feels right and good. I don't want to be responsible for any more animal suffering. I don't want to save the world, it's too late in my eyes. But I want to be able to stay authentic and look in the mirror without having a bad conscience. Only for taste and habit today no animals have to suffer and die. We have so much resources in the world, other people are starving and we buy tons of rubbish and dead creatures even though we have too much of everything. 

** I absolutely love your tattoos. Do each tattoo have a meaning to it? 

Yes, I almost only have tattoos that has a meaning. Everything will remind me of a time or story from my life.

** You are a tattoo model, how you much do you enjoy it.

Yes I've been a tattoo model for 6 years before my amputation. Back then I kept my stiff leg but always hidden I hated it and was ashamed. Today I love to take photos without prosthesis to show that I love my body as it is and that I like to show it. Whether some find it repulsive or erotic. I've always gone my way as I think it's right and that's a good thing. Modeling is a passion it has given me a lot of self-confidence. And now I can finally see my handicap as an advantage because an amputated tattoo model is very rare and my prosthesis is really cool I love her.

** For people who are wimps like me, but would love to maybe one day get a tattoo, what honest advice would you give us?

I can only advise any tattoo novice looking for you a tattoo studio with good qualifications and reviews. There are many black sheep because there are no proper guidelines for this profession. Choose a small tattoo in a harmless place. The tattooist will tell you which ones are ok for the beginning. And choose a motive that really means something to you. Only then can you possibly be happy with it forever because It will always remind you of this meaning. It is for me like a book about myself that is written and filled all my life. 

** Working out is something you love to do, what is your motivation?

Yes, After my rehab, I started to exercise every day. Muscle building is very important to stay fit and compensate for the misalignment. And it helps me run better. Of course, you also look better with a few muscles. I think as a handicap person you should always exercise, you have to find what is fun and then build routine and discipline. I've never done that before and I was very lazy. I have to force myself to go so that I 
The routine can be rebuilt. You have to go without thinking if you feel like it. Then it's normal and it's easier to stay on. It's like brushing with teeth. Do a thing several weeks regularly at the same times and it will be a routine that seems completely natural.

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