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You May See Imperfection But I Am One of God's Masterpiece

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Model: Tonia Bibb Rivers We live i n a world where everyone have standards of what a woman should look like. People have their opinions on what makes the ideal lady. Some will think you are to tall or to short, your hair is to nappy or short, your skin is to dark, you're too fat, your breast is  too big or not big enough.  With celebrities bodies set as the standards of what all women should look like, the fight to keep up can be out of control. The world and internet will always find some imperfection or flaw that does not make her perfect. The imperfections and her being different is what makes her an unique individual. I think all women are beautiful. Women are judged in seconds of their value just by their appearance. Every lady may not have long model legs or celebrities' perky breasts, but we have the fight of a lion and the courage of a mother bear.     Everyday as women watch t

Don't Talk Trash To People's Kids During A Game

Written By: Felecia Causey Models: Mom: E'licia Allen Daughter: Jelicia Anderson As any parent being protective over your child/children is one of your top objective.  There are so many adults that sometimes forget at games that these are kids, on the court or field.  It's very annoying to hear an adult on the sideline constantly hackling there own child, but it's really a disgrace when you harass and shout negative things to someone else's child.  It's a line as an adult with common courtesy that should not be crossed. If the child is a cheerleader, basketball player, or football player, that may not perform up to your standards, but you should never get so out of control that it's becoming disrespectful.  Although many who portray this behavior, may not see any harm in doing this , but it's very disgusting.  Sports are suppose to be fun and a family oriented experience, not a riot from adults that suppose to be a role model. Regardless, if he

I Will Not Let Sickle Cell Control Me

My name is Michael Christian and I have sickle cell anemia. I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with the illness when I was born on June 28, 1998. Sickle Cell anemia is a battle and it took me a while to figure out what this disease can do to me. I had dreams to become something and others had doubts that I am capable to do anything because I have this disease. Every since a little child, I been told that I could not do this or could not achieve that, that my disease would hold me back and I cannot lie that it did not hold me back. When my flare up comes unexpectedly I start to agree that yeah I cannot do anything. Those times when I get sick and admitted into the hospital I feel like my life was going downhill, and that I will never be anything that I set out to be. It was going to keep me from everything and as a child, you give up easier and you care less about things. Sickle cell can put you into a depression that is unimaginable, and it will make you want to give up on every