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Embrace Your Pregnancy Even When No One Else Does

Written By: Felecia Causey                                                                                 Photos By: Felecia Causey     Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time for a woman. She is excited to share the amazing news with the special people in her life, and expects everyone to be just as happy as her.  Unfortunately sometimes people do not react the way we expect or want them to. It’s really sad and heartbreaking that the people that you thought would share this joyous moment have sucked out the happiness.  Sometimes pregnancy comes unexpectedly and the mom may become embarrassed.   She’s afraid to celebrate and embrace becoming a new mom after receiving several negative responses from close family members. Expecting a baby is one of those life events that shows the ugly side of people.   Who doesn’t love babies? Support from loved ones has a big impact during these special moments. The constant stares and judgement from strangers can be rough, but the rude comments and

Interview With Self Taught Artist Veli

Photos Provided By:Veli Felecia: Please share with my readers a little about yourself. Veli:  My name is Veli and I’m a self taught portrait artist from Queens, New York. My mediums are marker, paint and digital. For the past four years I’ve been an art specialist for after school programs but I recently quit to be a full time artist. My other interests include music, basketball, spirituality, astrology and social/emotional sciences. I would consider my life unconventional. I do what I want when I want and I don’t care too much about societal norms. I believe in being free and making my own rules.  Felecia: Tell me what inspired you to start doing art? Veli: I  started doing art at a young age because my father and sister are both artists. I would watch them and try to copy what they were doing. I struggled to relate to the people around me so as I got older, art became a form of therapy as well as an escape. It wasn’t something I necessarily thought I could make a career out of until