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Zoet Beauty Supply: Black Females Owners

  Photos Provided By: Zoet Beauty Supply

Interview With Visual Artist Rae Akino

Photos Provided By: Rae Akino  Please share with my readers a little about yourself.   I am a self taught Black Queer visual artist from DC.  I was raised with a melting pot of influences from Block parties and GoGo music, to Broadway plays and 45's.  I moved to Seattle in 2014 to step out of my comfort zone and haven't looked back since.      Tell me what inspired you to start doing art? Initially cartoons inspired me as a kid,  As I got older I began to notice the art around me (Graffiti, album cover posters, hair shows) and that was nothing like what I would ever see in the Smithsonian.     How long have you been painting?   Off and on for about 10 years, showing for about 3 years.      In your opinion, what was the hardest part of putting your artwork out there? Having to talk in crowded spaces about something I am extremely sensitive about.      What advice would you give to an upcoming artist? Don't give any energy to those who question or don't understand what yo