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Be Your Kids’ Advocate Because Nobody Else Will


Written By:Felecia Causey
Models:Deja and Destinee Carroll

I wanted to write this blog after scrolling on my timeline and hearing parents' concern about the experience they have had with a school or teacher.  As I recall some of my horrible experiences with some of my kids' teachers. I think last year was one of the most trying years. My husband and I have always told the kids you do your part and if it’s not making a change or we don’t see a change we will step in. If you don’t protect your kids' future, push them to work hard, or be their voice, I can tell you know one else will. We first must tell them to do what they need to do, be respectful, study hard, and ask questions.  Although schools have the mission statement, “No child left behind”, the question is are all the adults working in the school system feel this way. 

Before I go into a couple of my experiences, I would first like to say that I respect many teachers, and I believe that they are underpaid and unappreciated. They have one of the hardest jobs there is, and I am sure that many of us would not like any part of it.  Unfortunately, all teachers do not receive good praises or applause. Did you know that a lot of teachers can be bullies or don't really enjoy their job? I can understand that many once loved what they did, but after dealing with kids with all kinds of backgrounds, lack of parental support, and the administration not supporting them as some may deserve can suck a person's love for something they once had a passion for. I have been there; people tend to do that to you when you are trying to keep everything classy when they are not. However, when it comes to “my” children, and I am sure yours you want the best for them.  That’s why when something isn’t going right or feels right, it’s time to step in.

We sometimes want to be passive, wanting things to work themselves out.  It will not change for you nor your child if you don’t say something.  

Both of my kids had the same 6th grade math teacher, and she was horrible and lazy. I couldn’t understand what was going on until I realized that many parents were having the same problems and complaints. I knew parents that were teachers and said the kids had many answers correct, but she marked them wrong, so basically, she didn’t know what the heck was teaching.  Before the pandemic even started, she already was having them self-teach themselves online via some learning website online.  This was a trying year for both of my kids. Last year my son’s freshman year was one of those times when you say, “the devil using this person”, the teacher would lie and when we finally did have the final meeting she didn’t show up.  We were aggressive but we felt like sugar coating what needed to be said was out the door. My son wanted help, and he did what was required, but for some reason we weren't met in the middle. The school year was almost over so we had to do something then and needed to speak to someone and we did. (Be sure to check my TikTok @feleciaphotoscausey)

Parents don’t allow your kid/kids to feel that being bullied by either an adult or child is okay. This is unacceptable behavior. When we as parents want to be the parent that makes sure we can help our kids be the best we can be, there is nothing wrong with being their protector, cheerleader, and being an advocate if they are doing what is right.  

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