Accepting Who You Are and Your Flaws, Beauty is More Than Your Outer Appearance

Written By: Felecia Causey

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Model: Zikerria

Every parent thinks their daughter is beautiful, and we often tell them they are.  We live where there is a standard of what beauty is supposed to look like.  Social media, magazines, and the internet has tainted our youth.  Unfortunately, it influences some young women that their body isn’t the best, their hair isn’t the right texture or long enough, and their skin is too light or too dark.   We must always encourage our daughters to embrace who they are. Many young girls get bullied by their peers because the bullies are jealous or even intimidated by her uniqueness. As parents, teaching our kids that they are worthy and enough is so crucial. With the rise of kids committing suicide, it’s really disturbing that not only are kids' bullies, but also adult, like teachers, family members, and sadly sometimes even parents.  

Why does it matter what color a person's skin color is or how they look? Although dealing with strangers is so judgmental, many family members are just as guilty of colorism and meanness.  

I came across Charlene’s post on Facebook about her beautiful daughter being bullied about her skin color. It absolutely broke my heart. As a person that has compassion for kids, I knew that I wanted to give her a photo shoot, and a chance to be featured on my blog and used for my anti-bullying campaign.  She is a tiny beautiful young woman, but I know under it all, she is a fighter. I know she will overcome it. With her parents and siblings behind her, she will overcome this race of being the extraordinary person that others and I see that she is.   

I am sure Zikerria’s parents have told her on many occasions how beautiful she is, but unfortunately have to pep her up to stand against her peers.

Parents teaching your kids that judging someone or making fun of their skin color is not funny nor polite.  It doesn’t make them top dog; it shows that they are being ugly to someone that doesn’t even deserve it.  Parents don’t be the adults that don't make a change, when a concern and heartbroken parents come to you when your child is being a bully. So many parents don’t hold their children accountable. If you are not helping solve this mischief, then you are part of the problem.  Remember the bullied child’s parents love their child just like you love yours. Ask yourself how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? You wouldn’t like it and it would hurt you. 

With girls and women already stereotyped by men and fellow women, I wish we could find a way to not be so ugly to each other. We are quick to share memes and post inspiring tweets, but do we mean it? Are we really supporting each other and accepting each other's uniqueness? Are we teaching our daughters the right thing that color of the skin, long or short hair, skinny or fat, and tall or short doesn't matter much when the heart and the way you act is horrible.

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