The Surprise of A Lifetime

Surprise engagements are the new trend right now. When Terrence emailed me of the surprise engagement dinner he had planned for Irisha, I was just tickled. I have known this couple since I started my hobby doing photos.

It was very well planned out, and the location was beautiful. The venue Terrence chose to do the proposal was on the patio of Central restaurant in downtown Montgomery, Al.

I was very impressed with the restaurant elegance, and their awesome valet parking. Downtown was very busy that evening, so having valet parking gave Central a two thumbs up, for me.

When I went to join the other guests, who were patiently was waiting for the couple to arrive.

I get a text from Terrence that they were coming around the corner.  The moment Irisha saw her friends and family, she instantly started laughing, and was shocked.

She sat in the chair, as Terrence sung to her. I believe at this time, she was aware something big was about to happen.

When he begin to sing, it caught me by surprise because I have heard Irisha sing, but I  wasn't aware he could sing too.

She cried, and I believed she had mostly everyone else crying.

He got down on one knee, and ask the four words, most women can't wait to hear "will you marry me".
She said "YES"!

Their family and friends embraced her as she showed off her new ring.

After the proposal, everything moved inside, where the guests went around the table with sweet things to say,  and yes made Irisha cried again.


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