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I Let Go of The Bitterness and Anger

    I don’t think people truly understand how much is lost when a woman has a miscarriage. Y ou, not only lose a baby, you lose faith, happiness, and hope; basically, you lose it a ll until the womb heals. My name is LaT oshia McGr ew Office and I am married to for mer Buffalo Bills, K endrick L. Office. My husband and I suffered pr obably one of the most painful miscarriages a woman can experience. In April 2012, ar ound 1:00am I begin to experience sever e pain in my abdomen. W e got dr essed and arrived at the local hospital within minutes. I begin to tell the doctor my symptoms, he replied, “ Are yo u pr egnant”? I stated, “ no, I don’t think s o ”. He said, well I’m going to give you a pr egnancy test. I took the test a nd waited patiently on the results. The doctor comes in the room and says to the both of us, you’re pr egnant. My husband immediately became overjoyed until the doctor stated, “ no, ther e is a probl em and if I don’t get he

God Is My Healer

Hi, my name is Moneka, and I am 36 years old and I currently don't have any kids. I want to share my story about my disease. In June 2011, I thought I was pregnant and I was terrified.   My stomach grew big. When I held my shirt up, and showed my mom and sister my belly, they agreed that I may be pregnant. We went to the store and purchased a pregnancy test. The test came back negative. I was confused, because I had all the symptoms of being pregnant. My sister suggested that I schedule an appointment with the doctor, so we could find out what was going on.  They decided to do a pregnancy test. When it came back negative they sent me to the emergency room to have an ultrasound.  I didn't want to go because I was tired, but they eventually called us to the back.  The doctor asked me, what was going on, and I told him I may be pregnant. He looked at my stomach and shook it, and said that my stomach was full of fluid. They ended up draining a bunch of fluid off of it . Th