Isn't My Money Green Too

Written By: Felecia Causey

Have you ever emailed someone who work, product, or service you loved, and they didn't respond back? Have you ever went into a local business and they treated you like your business was irrelevant?  Have you visited a family owned restaurant, and the usual regular customers are greeted friendly, and you receive the cold shoulder, and it made you feel like you just invaded a private gathering?

I am sure if you haven't said yes to one of these questions, you have experienced something similar.

I know you work very hard for your money, and you take pride in who or where you spend it.

I remember I had a gift certificate to receive a massage, at one of the most well known spa in Montgomery, AL, but the customer service was so horrible, I requested a refund immediately.

Customer service is everything, rather it's a beautician or restaurant owner.  Treating every customer like they are valuable, just like their money is the same color as every other customer.

I recall meeting a young woman, that was a complete stranger , and she was sharing her experience with a doctor she had. She told me she had an allergic reaction to something, and she went to go get it checked out, and not once did the doctor touch her. She didn't even check her heart rate. Yes, this woman had insurance and yes she paid, her co-pay, but received poor service.

You are not to happy of dealing with a business being bias, and that say they want support and more business, but decides who they feel is relevant to receive their service or product.

I have many stores close to my home, but because I choose to give my money and support to someone who will treat me with kindness and not profile me, because I don't fit the standards that they feel, fit their business, I will travel a distance to the ones with great customer service.

I am sure none of us would like any service we feel that you have to beg and pay or feel like we are chasing someone to give them our money. 

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