Owned by Tuan Vu
As a breeder you wait for a stud that you envision to be the cornerstone of your kennel.  In this case Tuan have found that stud in Drew Breezy.  He is a legit 85lbs with a massive head, short blocky mug, heavy leg bones, nice girth, and great temperament.  He comes from the Bullycampline Bolow bred to Jenga of Tottyline.
Thus far Tuan is well pleased with Drew Breezy productions.  He is producing great color variety's along with heavy bone, girth, and a signature head piece.  He is producing large litters and has a phenomenal sperm count.
Male on the Left and female on the right.  Both are carrying mass, bone, and signature head piece.

More puppies from Breezy.  So if anybody needs solid foundation blood at a great price Drew Breezy is the right choice.   
Tuan is currently opening Breezy up for stud at a great price for the first 10 females. Either $500.00 and a puppy back or $1,000.00 outright stud fee.  Contact Tuan Vu at Tuanvu361@yahoo.com or inbox him on Facebook or contact Marcus Causey at mcausey07@gmail.com



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