Six Mistakes Hotels Commonly Make: Family Traveler's Complaints

Written:Felecia Causey

Most of us will spend the extra money and become repeated customers if we are provided with good service.

When going on a family vacation, it can become expensive ,and you want the best hotel. You want to be satisfied and happy.

Yet, many hotels that provides accommodation for families, make these horrible mistakes so often, that it not only ruins the vacation, but makes the customers regret the waste of money.
Here is my list of the most annoying mistakes hotels make:
1.  They sometimes have rude desk clerks and managers: Customers hate it when we walk into a hotel and not be greeted. We don't want to walk up to a rude or nonchalant clerk. My perspective of my encounter with the clerk gives me, what kind of service the hotel will offer.

2. They are not ready at check-in or not being considerate for early check-ins. They actually think we don't double check, on what time we are allowed to check-in. After traveling and being exhausted, they aren't allowed to give us room because the room they want us to have are not clean or ready. I am sure many customers have heard it before "the rooms are not available", when you happen to come a little ahead of schedule. When coming far with grouchy kids or just leaving an amusement park on a hot summer day, the only thing you want is a room, a shower, and a bed.

3. They giving a room you didn't book/request... but what they have available. No traveling family want to deal with a smoking room when you pacifically asked for a nonsmoking room. When this detail is very important when a mother' s child  has allergies or asthma. This will become a disaster of a trip when your child becomes sick.

4. The room cleanliness doesn't exceed your expectation.  Why are the photos on the website showing how awesome their rooms are, but doesn't look anything like them in person? Come to think of it, isn't that considered false advertisement? More and more families are looking for bloggers and reviews to give them honesty, rather than just what the hotel website photos and description tells them. The sheets having stains or the tub is not clean is a very big X factor to any parent when their kids are staying in a strange place.

5. They having thin walls and loud air conditioners... There are many hotels that allows you to be "all up in someone business" because of there thin walls. Most hotels are booked to rest while being out of town, but the constant slam of doors, the people next door conversations, and other activities is a constant distraction. I recall staying at a hotel and the air conditioning unit was so loud is sounded like a car motor, right beside the bed. My family didn't get any rest that night.

6. The housekeeper rushing you out before check-out time... We are aware that there is an early check out time, but to be walked in on or rushed out by the housekeeper is very rude and unprofessional. If the family had a restless night, maybe they are using the last minutes to rest before traveling back to their destination.

The many hotels that I am sure have failed on either six mistakes have resulted in many customers never visiting again or recommending to anyone. The purpose of this blog post is to help hotels, see it from a potential repeated customers.

Be sure to check back for many hotels review and recommendations.

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