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The Importance of Quality Time With Your Kids

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Quavonica Manuel, Jacob and Jaxon Thomas The holidays are right around the corner and many of us mothers are preparing to give the kids everything they requested on their Christmas list. We all have heard the saying "money can't buy you true love", but neither can buying materialistic things. The pursuit to buy your kid(s) everything is only a temporary fulfillment. From clothes, to shoes, and gadgets there will always be something new. I know as a mother we seem to face the pressure of trying to be the perfect parent. Unfortunately, I don't have it all together. I am sure many of you fellow moms feel the same way. Spend more quality time with your kids instead of investing in their toy collections. Invest in a strong bond with them. Building this bond will teach them, holidays are not just about gifts, but the birth of Jesus, love, and family. If you're a par

The Negative Impact of Gun Violence

Written By: Sheree Long Photos Courtesy of Sheree Long Edited By: Felecia Causey My name is Sheree Long, and I am the mother of 2 boys, a stepmother of a daughter, and grandmother of a grandson.     Jeremiah Mcdade ,was the light of everybody he came in contact with. It was hard not to love him, because of his charm and smile. On May 9, Jeremiah had moved to Montgomery to start, his first new job. He was so excited, and I was so proud of him.  On May 12,2017, our life changed forever as my son, Jeremiah McDade, was shot to death through the door of an apartment complex. I was in Atlanta, GA, getting flowers for my mother's grave and getting my niece prepared for her graduation, when I received the call that my son had been shot. I remember my heart was racing, and I dialed every family member that was there, to go where my son was.  I began begging and asking God to please save my boy. I said, "God even if he is going to be missing an arm or so

My Hair Doesn't Define Me As A Woman

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Model: Shayla Jackson The weave hair business has become a 9 billion dollars industry. Women desire to look their best, and they will spend, however much they need to do so. In many people opinions, women with long hair is considered to be more beautiful. Aren't women with short hair or shaved heads beautiful too? Can they not be free to express themselves? Most of society has laid a very clear rulebook, on what beauty looks like. Long hair has been perceived as the main highpoint of women's sex appeal.  Girls have been force fed of what a woman should look like. They only know what the media feed them of what beauty really is. Shaving or cutting your hair doesn't make you less beautiful or even less of a woman. It doesn't define who you are. It's about your own self worth, attitude, and confidence. Your hair can't give or take away your intelligence, kindness, fight,

You Type Relationship Goals, But Can You Handle What Comes With It?

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Arthur and Shandrekia Reid You say goals, but can you handle the problems, that comes with it? On social media and on the television most people may seem to have it together, and living the perfect dream life. It can become so easy to compare your average relationship with someone who seems to have all the name brand things, driving all the fancy cars, and taking several vacations. Don't believe everything you see on social media. Many people live for the validation of their peers and followers. I have realized that many portray a life online allowing others to think their lives are what they wish to have. With social media being a platform of showing off and portraying what relationships and life should be like, but remember love is not measured in social media likes and shares. Remember on social media, people will show you only what they want you to see. The next time you type "relation

My Child, I Want You To Be Better Than Me

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Model: Kashia Scott As a woman I haven't been the perfect mother, sister, daughter, friend, wife, or significant other. I'm not the perfect woman that you see on TV, social media, or the magazines. I am not a woman that has it all together, and never made mistakes. I don't always dress up like the fancy moms, that you may see. I haven't always made the best choices, or been the person I should've been. When God blessed me with the gift to be your mother, my life forever changed. I couldn't be the selfish, inconsiderate, and dare devil I once been. I choose to try to be a person, that I would like you to be. The person who loves unconditionally, someone who doesn't make reckless decisions, and the person you can always count on. I was the person who only cared about the things of the world, and satisfying my own selfish wants, baby,please don't be like me, be better. I

Featuring: Author and Fitness Trainer Tosha Hornbuckle

Written By: Tosha Hornbuckle Photos Courtesy of Tosha Hornbuckle My name is Tosha Hornbuckle, the author of Finesse Your Fine: Transforming Your Life Heart, Mind and Body, CEO of Finesse Your Fine Fitness, founder of Be You On Purpose (a nonprofit organization to build self-esteem in our relationships and to mentor young adults on building and having healthy relationships), and founder of Finesse Your Fine Inc.  I am a wellness coach, personal trainer, and mother of 2 beautiful children Jada and Austin. Throughout my life I had the gift to help motivate others. When I had my life pitfalls, I was able to turn my mess into a message, and my trials and test into a testimony.   I train and coach individuals on how to workout and eat healthy,  but my ultimate goal is to help them to not only be healthy physically, but mentally ,spiritually, and emotionally. It is sometimes not just the pounds you carry, but it can also be the people, toxic relationships, and th

Not Hiding My Body, But Embracing Every Curve and Imperfection

Written By: Felecia Causey Models: Lakesha Parks, Monique Murphy, and Robresha Singleton Photography: Felecia Causey We live in a world where women are always judged. Many have either gained weight over the years or for most of their life have been a "plus size" woman. Many women yearn for airbrushed perfection bodies as their favorite singer or actress portray on the cover of a magazine and photos. Overcoming body negativity can be a significant challenge in most ladies lives. Most women hide their bodies appearance by wearing oversized clothing. Women have asked the question does size really matter. Embracing your curves is easier said then done,when shopping to compliment your curves and rolls, to  make yourself feel comfortable. With many women constantly receiving disapproval gestures because they don't fit the criteria to wear a certain dress code. Maybe it's an objection from a manager on a job or criticism by a family member, because her cu