Don't Judge Her By Her Clothes

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey

I recently saw a video on the internet of a young woman being violated on a live video.  I was very hesitant in watching it, but as it continued to flood my timeline, I did. As I watched it, many emotions came to me. I think reading some of the comments made me very upset. Just as I had my opinion, I knew others had theirs. The main focus was that she had provocative clothes, and not that she was sexually assaulted.

Growing up, most women are taught that they would be judged based on what they wear.  Although many women in the industry make money dressing sexy, they are harshly judged. Women that decides to wear more revealing clothes, are actually educated, great mothers, college students, business owners or maybe even doctors.  Does her clothes determine that she is not the phenomenal woman that she is? Does what she wear says that a man can do what he want?

If a woman is intoxicated, and she says no, her clothes is not an invitation of saying that it is okay.

When a woman voice no, she shouldn't have to put up yellow tape, no matter what her past reputation or if she decides to show a little extra cleavage.

Respect to a woman should be up to the standards a man would have for his mother, daughter, or sister.

Maybe the lady that decides to wear a body suit to show off her curves, just lost many pounds and wants to embrace her transforming body.  It doesn't mean she is sending out a nonverbal invitation to be taken advantage of.

I know women will always be judged on what they wear or how they wear their clothes. She will be called every name in the book due to her wardrobe, because that's the world we live in .  I do know that even if she shows extra legs and maybe even her belly button, it doesn't take away from how awesome of a woman she really is.

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