It Is The Couple's Day, Not Yours

 Written By: Felecia Causey
Photographs By: Felecia Causey

I know that a soon to be married couple, wedding will be one of the most exciting  times of their life. With the stress of selecting the right venue, vendors, wedding party, and trying to stretch a budget, they don't need the extra hassle. This special  day is suppose to be focused around the bride and her groom, but they will sometime find out how selfish people that are suppose to be there for them can be. When planning for this exciting day, there will be some that will complain on everything up to not agreeing with who are part of the wedding party. When in reality, they will not be paying for anything. If you don't like something about the couple's wedding, just don't attend, but just know the day will go on.

If you are honored to be chosen as part of the wedding party, no matter if it's a hostess, be sure you are committed before accepting the task.  A wedding day is suppose to be a joyous event, but can also be nerve wrecking, so try to leave unpleasant attitudes at home.  As a part of the wedding party , one of your responsibilities is to purchase your wardrobe, so be sure that is something you are financially able to handle. The couple may not be able to add your dress or suit into their budget.  You must pay a special place in either the bride's or groom's life to be asked to stand by their side, so if you know that this is something you will not be able to afford, be honest and upfront. You don't want to wait until the last minute and opt out of the wedding. I am sure being there as a guest will still make them as happy. Just be courteous and let them know ahead, in case they need to replace your spot.

I am sure selecting a wedding party can come with so much pressure. Unfortunately everyone can't be in the wedding. If everyone that wants to be in the wedding, could be, the time of waiting for everyone to walk down the isle would be ridiculous. I am sure the love they have for you isn't any different if you are not chosen as a bridesmaid or groomsman. You don't need to be so caught up in trying to be a part of the spotlight, but be willing to give them the one day, that should be set to be about them.

I am sure the bride will enjoy all the attention on her day, but don't "smother her like gravy on mash potatoes".  She may become overwhelmed because of the many hugs and photo requests and may just need to breathe. Who wouldn't want to capture a photo with the beautiful bride? Just be patient while she get all her photos with the professional photographer. What many guests are not aware of is most vendors are on a time schedule, so I am sure when everything is done, the couple would love to give you and everyone else a chance to do a photo and a give a thank you hug.

The day of the wedding is not the time to bring any drama or stressful things to the couple. If it's not life or death changing, it can wait. If something occurs that you can fix, try to handle it.

I am sure many of you that attends a wedding, are either married or planning to get  married, so think of how you would want someone to do you on your special day

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