What Vets, Businesses, and Brands Really Think of Our Fur Babies (Pit bulls)

Written By:Felecia Causey
Model: Alissa
Featuring: My Fur Babies

I can say from my experience, that pit bulls are great family dogs. Many can appear totally scary looking and intimidating because of their amazing physics and muscles. I come to find the breed to be beautiful giant gentle animals. 

  Pit bulls, like all type of dogs, have been known to attack or  have killed people. Unfortunately since pits are stereotyped and “given” a reputation as vicious dogs, they often times are discriminated, by pet stores, communities, towns, and events. We’ve all heard about how dangerous and misunderstood pits can be. I find it interesting that there is so much bad reputation about them, when we own some.

Yes, the animal that is known as a monster have grown up with both of my kids. They are all well trained and love to play with my daughter and son. As many may look, and judge a person by their outer appearance, they also judge dogs, on how they look.

With the media portraying that bullies are dangerous, bully owners, as myself are constantly dealing with finding locations that allows our dogs to participate in events, join them on outings/vacations, and groomers that allow them to come into their place of business.

I’ve experienced having a very well known vet in Montgomery, Al, go as far as to lie that one of our female dogs was pregnant, and all the puppies were dead. He went on to lie, and say she needed to be spayed or she could die,  just to keep us from breeding her. As I remembered on a previous visit, he had expressed his opinion that he believed that pits shouldn’t be bred. He went as far as trying to convince us that there were bones on the ultrasound.

We quickly left for a 2nd opinion, after feeling uncomfortable and all his credibility was gone with me.  The new vet informed us with the news, that the previous vet completely lied! It was in fact no puppies in her belly. This was my first experience of realizing that the love my family had for our pits, wasn't shared by many others.

I was really blown away, when I found out that several big retail stores that we once supported,  do not allow bullies and pits in their stores for events or grooming. Where my dogs are not wanted or despise, I plan not to spend my money with them.

I have also notice most brands don’t even allow the breed to be used in any promotions or commercials. They are not aware of how many pits that are a part of many families around the world. 

Vets, businesses, and brands want the customers but they are not willing to accept the dogs. It's actually really sad and very heartbreaking to myself and to fellow pit lovers. 

Many bully owners take pride in their fur babies, and take their dogs with them on vacations because they are a part of their family. Since there are so many hotels that are against them, they are not allowed to stay, even when others breeds are accepted.

Instead of wasting a pit bull owners time, and you prefer not to have the breed, at your events, businesses, or vet office, make it known on your website or post a sign on your door. It will cut down the time, money, and hurt feelings all at once. As I am sure, that many will lose customers, while people as myself are always looking for those vacation spots, vets, brands, and stores that are supporters of our big babies.

Our fur babies are our family just like any other kind of dog.   

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