Featuring: Interview With Designer Lauren Lacy MLS Denim

I had the amazing opportunity to interview fashion designer Miss. Lauren Lacy. Please be sure to follow her on all her social media pages ( information is posted at the bottom of the page). You will love her custom made clothing. As many of you that love one of kind clothes, here is the perfect place to start shopping.

**Share a little about yourself.
From a young age, I always loved to draw and be creative. The love and passion that I had for art led me to pursue a Fine Arts degree with a concentration in illustration.  My college education definitely increased my creativity, knowledge, and skills. More importantly, I became more well-rounded artist and discovered my own style and my own voice. After graduating I decided to open my own business as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist.  This was the birth of Miss Lacy Studios, LLC.
After being in business for over eleven years, I then decided to embark on a new fashion venture called "MLS Denim (Miss Lacy Studios abbreviated). I take denim dresses, shirts, jeans, vests, and jackets and repurpose them into something new and unique. I use techniques such as bleaching, shredding, ripping, and painting to create my one-of-a-kind custom pieces. I am very excited about the MLS fashion Denim fashion line because I was able to use the illustrative and graphic design expertise of Miss Lacy Studios, LLC to make this line stand out.

**When did you realize you loved to design clothes?

I realized I loved designing clothes at a pretty young age. Although I had always wanted to design, I did not really start to truly focus on it until about 1 year ago.

**What inspires you for each sketch and designs?

My inspiration typically comes from my imagination. I design pieces that I would want to see (and buy) if I were attending a fashion/art show, festival, concert, or any special event.

** What is your favorite part about being a designer?

My favorite part about being a designer is the creating process. I love coming up with an idea, researching how to create it (properly) and the executing it.

**How does it feel to see someone wear your designs?

Seeing someone wear my designs is surreal. For me to go from spending so much time brainstorming and creating a piece, to then seeing someone not only wear it, but to be so excited about it leaves me speechless. I sometimes feel like I am having an outer body experience.

** What role do you think social media plays in your business?

For MLS Denim social media plays a HUGE role in my business. I have been able to reach broader audience and sell my pieces to clients in other Metro Atlanta cities as well as other states. Without my social media platform (and the correct hashtags) these opportunities would never have been possible.

** What advice would you give to young teens that are interested in designing clothes?

I would have to say that they have to stay dedicated and focused. The fashion industry can test your desire, will and passion. But, if you truly have a love for what you do you will be able to overcome these obstacles and "valleys"

** Do you have any upcoming events, where you will showcase your work?

I actually just had my first fashion show last week! I was one of the designers in the Thrifting Atlanta Show that was sponsored by Goodwill of North Georgia. It was such a success, and I had so much fun that I am hoping to participate in more shows before the year is over.

** What is the procedure to purchase a design from you?

I can be reached through the following channels:

Email: mlsdenimfashion@gmail.com

Social Media:
Instagram: @misslacystudios
Facebook: https:www.facebook.com/misslacystudios/
Twitter: @MLSStudios


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