Teaching Our Sons To Love and Not Kill One Another

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By:  Felecia Causey
Models: Janeka Wigfall, Jacari Johnson, Joey Johnson Jr, J'Darius Johnson, Brittney Thompson, Izaiah Thompson, Kelisha Smith, Winford Towns III, Latoshia Jackson, Ethel Hampton, Shenika Washington, and Undrey Campbell Jr.

We live in a world where violence is not something, we just see on TV or read about on social media, it has become closer to many parents, kids, wives, and more.  A lot of people are so quick to anger , and oftentimes don't realize the affect, of what an emotion, can do to ruin their life or the life of others. Life can bring you all kind of curve balls. You don't know if you want to laugh or cry. The knowing that you must brush it off and move on, even during the pain is something we have to teach our kids.  Love your son enough to show him that every action doesn't need a reaction.

There is so much competition, jealousy, and misunderstanding that can quickly make a situation worse than it really is . As a mother you want to be the parent that guides her son to be confident and to be the best young man he can be.

I have seen many parents instead of helping defuse an issue, chooses to make things worst. Use the opportunity to save your son's life and the life of someone else child.

"I'm teaching my son to be a man" or "he must show everyone how tough he is, are some of the things I hear a lot of parents say. Raising your son to show aggression, be angry, and unkind will not make him a man. Being tough doesn't mean, everything should be dealt with in violence. Sometimes walking away and leaving the nonsense alone can make them be the bigger and better person.

Look into your son's eyes, I know you love him with every fiber in your body. You see the mother beside you at the game, or the one in front of you in store line, or even the one at the doctor's office? She indeed also loves her child.

Tragedies and unforeseen things happen everyday.  As a mother you will be your child's first love. Lets teach them to use their words, and make wise decisions. In order for our sons to know better, we must do better.

When another mom comes to you regarding a concern between your son and hers, don't be defensive, especially when your son is in the wrong. Don't be the mother that upholds her child in wrong doings.  We know our kids, so we have to raise them to the best of our ability, so the streets won't have too.  Your love for him, will help mature and guide him to make wise decisions.

As mothers let us stand to do the right thing for ourselves and fellow moms. With gun violence being one of the biggest reasons, so many young men's lives are taken, be the solution of this huge epidemic of young men taking each other away from their family.

Let us women raise these young men, who were once small enough to sit in our lap, to live for a purpose.

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