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Interview With Artist Audrey Everett of EverAudArt

  Photos Provided By: Audrey Everett Please share with my readers a little about yourself. 27 in August; Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my name is Audrey C Everett, also known as the face behind EverAudArt. Typically I am a full time school teacher by day and a creator in my creative space in my absolute free time. In many ways, my perspective on life is taking everything one step at a time, traveling, and learning more ways to “heal my mental”. We all go through those phases in life where adulthood and self-growth can take a toll on you, so I value self-love and care affirmations and routine. After getting engaged back in June, and the world in quarantine, it changes your perception on life, so you adjust. I made time for the things I love, even while working full-time, growing an online biz, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and watching Netflix in between. Tell me what inspired you to start doing art? Initially, it was my absent father. I’ve always admired how he could t

Interview With Lacey Acree owner of G.I. Beauty Cosmetics LLC

Photography Provided By Lacey Acree Professional Photography Shot By: Eric Gray Photography   Me: Lacey please tell my readers a little about yourself.   Lacey: Hello everyone my name is Lacey Acree, a true born and raised Alabama girl! Fashion  print/ runway model, Army Veteran and Alum of The University of Alabama(Roll Tide!),  I am married with three children. We currently reside in Birmingham AL.     Me: What's the story behind G.I. Beauty Cosmetics LLC?   Lacey: Well, G.I. Beauty Cosmetics came about through my love for makeup. I am a self proclaimed Makeup Enthusiast! I love everything about it’s my favorite  hobby. About 2 years ago had the idea to combine my love for makeup and my military background. Casually mentioned it to my husband and he was in full support. Honestly G.I. Beauty  Cosmetics LLC would not be in existence without him. He has really been pushing me and helping me the whole journey.        Me: What was your goal when you started your brand?     Lacey: My g

Seeking God For Everything: After The Loss of My Rainbow Baby

  On March 15, 1999, I was blessed with a 7.5 baby girl. A year prior I had suffered a miscarriage. My rainbow baby was born and immediately a void that I had felt for years was completed. God loaned me the precious little one for 16 months.  July 20, 2000 I received a phone call to go to the hospital. As I rushed to the hospital not knowing what to expect. We all sat in the family room awaiting the news that would forever change my life. As the state trooper walked in and as he spoke of every individual that was involved in the car accident. He then asked who was the mother of the young child, he kneeled down to his knees and as he told me my child did not survive the fatal accident my life changed. I could no longer hear, I could no longer feel, I couldn’t imagine my life without my one and only child at the time. The loss of my child cut deeper than any hurt. Still to this day my heart is heavy. People say don’t question God. I believe God is a God of answers. I believe you should s

Interview With Author Amber T. Bogan

Photos Provided By: Amber T. Bogan Me:  Please share with my readers a little about yourself. Amber: Me: Tell me what inspired you to start writing. Amber: Black children deserve to see themselves positively reflected in the books they read, and more importantly, they deserve to be front and center as the main character, not only as support. Not only do they deserve to see themselves in the book, but also as the storyteller. That’s why this journey is so important to me, I get to help fill a gap both with the work product itself and as the creator. Me: How long have you been writing? Amber: I have always had a love for writing. As a child I would write short stories and poetry that I typically kept to myself. Little Miss is Destined for Greatness is my debut title which was released in 2019. Me: In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your book. Amber: The hardest part by far was creating the vision for the illustration. While

Interview With the Amazing Artist Jamillah Yates

Photos Provided by: Jamillah Yates    Me: Please share with my readers a little about yourself. Jamillah: My name is Jamillah Yates, I have lived in Atlanta for about 2 years now. I have been involved in art every since I can remember; however I have recently taken up painting in march of 2020 and it is a passion that allows me to express the things that words can not. I hope to share my vision and    a little peace of my mind with others. Me:  Tell me what inspired you to start doing art? Jamillah: What inspired me to start doing art was the fact that it allowed me to freely express myself in anyway that I felt like at that moment, without any constraints. Me: How long have you been painting? Jamillah: I have been doing art for 13 years, but i have only been painting for about a year. Me:  In your opinion what was the hardest part of putting your art work out there? Jamillah: In my opinion, I believe the hardest part of putting my art work to the public is expanding my audience.  Me:

Interview With Author Yecheilyah

Me: Tell me what inspired you to start writing.   Yecheilyah: Thank you so much for having me over! I appreciate the love. There are several inspirations for my writing. I have always been a quiet person who loved to read. When I felt down or felt the need to express myself, I would write in my diary, journal, or notebook.   The central turning point in knowing I wanted to be an author was after I read  Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry  by Mildred D. Taylor. This book was set-apart from other books I had read because the books in school didn’t teach about black family life, black history, and where black people fit in the world’s history. After I devoured the Logan family series, I knew I wanted to be a writer and that I wanted to focus on black life in particular.    Me: How long have you been writing?   Yecheilyah: I have been writing since I was twelve years old. I started with poetry and then transitioned to write short stories. I published my first collection of poetry in 2010, my firs

Interview With Author Kay Shanee

  Me:   Please share with my readers a little about yourself Katrina: My name is Katrina but I go by the pen name Kay Shanee. I have been a published author for 2.5 years. I've been married to my college sweetheart for 23.5 years and we have two children, ages 17 and 20. I write about all things BLACK LOVE because I absolutely love it. Me:  Tell me what inspired you to start writing. Katrina: Honestly, there was no specific thing that inspired my writing. I have always been an avid reader and sometimes I would read a book and think, "I could write something like this." When my daughter went away to college, it freed up a lot of my time because I didn't have to attend her sporting events 3-4 days a week. I also began teaching part-time the same year and I found that I had a lot of time on my hands. I decided I would write me and my husband's love story and that's how it all began. Me:    How long have you been writing? Katrina:  In total, I've been writing