Teaching Our Daughters Everything Shouldn’t Be Competitive


Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Models: Elisabeth and Ramiyah Myers

Growing up as a girl can be so challenging in these times. With social media playing a huge role in so many people's lives, it has become a ground for competition.  Some don’t care about living in their truth but creating a story/life that makes them look like they have it all together.  I really learned what “fake it to you make it” meant when I finally saw how society made people tell excessive lies.

Women/girls fixing themselves up with filters to the point that they’re unrecognizable in person.  Many females are always trying to look better physically and on their personal page to become competitive. They want to have the best hair, make-up, relationship, and business. What are we teaching our daughters?  Are we trying to always make everything a competition? When businesses could thrive, working with each other. Why is it so hard? Allowing each other to work together as a team and as a threat shouldn’t be so difficult. 

Jealousy is such an ugly trait to have. As most mothers we try our best to show our daughters what to strive to be.

Let’s be women/mothers that will show our daughters it’s okay to uplift the next girl.  You don’t have to show jealousy tendencies because of what may or may not be real. Always encourage them to encourage others.

With so many confrontations on and offline over some things that’s not worth the time, let's show your daughter it’s better and okay to walk away.  It’s not always what it seems. Moms, we must first do our part, so that our girls see you cheering for the next person and teaming up with other females.  Fake support is displayed so often, but just what if we actually brought our daughters together as a team and not as rivals all the time? Girl power would be unstoppable.



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