Education Starts at Home

Written By: Felecia Causey

Models: Ashley Lawson Peterson and (Daughter) Avery Peterson

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Who would've ever thought we would face a pandemic and the kids had to do online school? It was different and for many it was difficult.  A lot of parents were struggling with trying to work, finding proper childcare, and making sure the kids were getting their schoolwork done. It was a curveball and a learning experience for the kids, the parents, and the school's staff.

I have always believed that education starts at home. Reading is such a big part of everything a child will need to learn. 

During the pandemic a lot of the teachers assigned schoolwork, and the kids had to read to learn the lesson on their own.

School work is totally different from what most of us remember. There is no just learning your alphabet and numbers in elementary school anymore.  Kids are expected to know these things before they attend kindergarten. What I have unfortunately heard some parents say, "it's the teachers' job" I must say they are partially correct, however helping them get ahead will be beneficial to your child, you, and the teachers.

With kids being packed into, classroom due lack of having enough teachers, I can understand that sometimes it could become overwhelming, especially when a couple of the kids are behind. All kids do not learn the same way.

Many teachers who love their job and students, may find it difficult when parents are not doing their part.


It's not easy to keep kids focused while working or even being a single parent, it can be difficult. Sometimes even finding quality childcare can be hard.   

There are many things I used to prepare my kids for school, which were both fun and educational. In a time where most schools do most things virtual and now every learning company declares that they are the best platform for children. With prices going up, experimenting is out of the question.  Will it work for your child/children? Will it be worth the money? (Please be sure to view upcoming blogs for product recommendations).  

Help get your kids ahead with math, science, history, and reading. Be sure to do your research because what works for some may not work for you or your kids.  Just a few hours a day, will help ease the stress of learning new stuff.

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