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Accepting Who You Are and Your Flaws, Beauty is More Than Your Outer Appearance

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Model: Zikerria Every parent thinks their daughter is beautiful, and we often tell them they are.  We live where there is a standard of what beauty is supposed to look like.  Social media, magazines, and the internet has tainted our youth.  Unfortunately, it influences some young women that their body isn’t the best, their hair isn’t the right texture or long enough, and their skin is too light or too dark.   We must always encourage our daughters to embrace who they are. Many young girls get bullied by their peers because the bullies are jealous or even intimidated by her uniqueness. As parents, teaching our kids that they are worthy and enough is so crucial. With the rise of kids committing suicide, it’s really disturbing that not only are kids' bullies, but also adult, like teachers, family members, and sadly sometimes even parents.   Why does it matter what color a person's skin color is or how they look? Although de