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Featuring: Ice King (Let's Get to the Sweet Part)

  I would like to thank Mr.Jason Nguyen for allowing me the opportunity to feature his business on my blog. Written By: Felecia Causey Photos By: Felecia Causey Summer is here and everyone is looking for fun things to do, staying cool, and eating delicious foods and treats. I’m ready to share my recent experience with Ice King that’s located here in Montgomery, AL.  Is it worth the visit and will your family/friends love it?  Well Felecia Causey’s Blog is here to give you a breakdown and give my honest opinion.  I will start with the location of this spot. It’s located in a busy area, where there are many other businesses, restaurants, and treat shops.  You must be careful getting in and out of traffic, but it’s worth the hustle and bustle of this location.  Now let's get to the good part. Inside of Ice King, the first things that caught my attention were the cleanliness, the greeting, the spaciousness, vivid colors, and the cool decor.   We were greeted by the courteous and very