Featuring Tea Town in Montgomery, AL

Written By: Felecia Causey

Tea Town is a family-owned restaurant located in Montgomery, AL.  It’s in a great location right off Vaughn Road, close to the AMC movie theater. The first thing that caught my attention was how clean it was.  I enjoyed how peaceful it seemed.  Oh, my goodness, my readers and followers know how important good customer service is to me.  The entire family that was there was so welcoming. I was impressed when they asked if I had any food allergies.  That was very courteous of them. 


I wanted to get a little more background of this family.  Just by talking to Buu and Brandi I knew they were aiming to build relationships with their customers. Watching the interactions between them and each person that came through the door, told me that they would treat their customers like family.  It will definitely set them apart from many other restaurants in my book.

Phat Trieu and Cam Thai came from Vietnam along with their kids.   They have been cooking for years and they always wanted to start a restaurant.  I am glad they did. My favorite part of their whole story was when Brandi told me that cooking was her parents’ love language.  Feeding people and making comfort food is why they love what they do.  As I tasted their food, I believed it because it was cooked with so much passion.

Okay… I will tell you about the food. You all know I have to give the 411 on customer service and a little background.

On to the food tea… did you see how I did that? LOL.

Do you know how some restaurants' food doesn’t look anything like the pictures? Well Tea Town’s food and drinks are copy and paste.  I started off with the Bao Buns. They offer several.  I had pork belly, tofu, and Korean BBQ. First, I would like to say I can eat the buns just by themselves. They were soft and had a sweet taste.  Honestly, they melt in your mouth.  Each was great, but guys my favorite was the Korean BBQ. The pickled veggies added the freshness that it needed to balance it out.  

I tasted their egg rolls, in which they offer both veggie and pork.  I sampled both. What is the perfect egg roll to me?  It must have the combination of the perfect crunch and the right amount of stuffing inside of them.  These babies had both. The veggies were so good, I could have “tried” to attempt to go vegan.  The sweet and sour sauce that comes with them had a little kick of heat, but not bad at all.  

For the drinks, I had two different Fruit Teas. When I saw them, I was afraid that they would be another healthy drink that was disgusting, or I wouldn’t like the flavor or texture. Guys they were sweet, but not too sweet. The texture was great. With every gulp, the boba came out the straws, but they weren't overwhelming.  Your child would love these. Trust me your kids will think this is super fun and good at the same time.

I also tried the flan coffee cookie and cream mangonada. Anything with cookies and cream, you have already won me over.  

Everyone ready for the sweet tea of this blog? (Did you see, I did it again)  

MOCHI DONUT BALLS!!! Just know when something is good, I am giving you facts, not half, but 100% true facts.  These are so good!   They offer different flavors, but just know they won me over again with the cookies and cream.  Take your kids or your coffee loving friend or coworker some of these, and they will think you are the best person EVA (say it just like I spelled it, lol).

Okay, will I go back???.... 

Yes! Most definitely! Making me feel more than just another person or customer.... Is automatically 5 stars. I know the acknowledgement is very important not just for me, but many others as well.  Like I said previously, the interaction with the different customers that I witnessed was wholesome. It makes you want to go back.  

Would I recommend: “Yes, sir” (in my son’s voice).  Great place for studying, stay at home moms to get out (moms they have a kids’ table with board games!), and a place to just grub and relax.  They do have a rewards program. I love that they offer a rewards program, because even if it’s something small I still will feel their appreciation for being a loyal customer, and that’s big.

They do offer catering. You may call 334-396-3279 to get more information.  The holidays are right around the corner, so keep them in mind if you want to impress your guests and try something different. 

Below are their social media platforms, so you can keep with what’s new.


Facebook:Tea Town


Now you are done reading, run before they close, and grab some goodies. Tell them Felecia sent you.

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