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I absolutely enjoyed working in customer service. I loved meeting the new people, and there was always something going on every shift. There were some good and bad days, but I learn a while back that it was the attitude I "chose" to have to determine what my day would be like. I decided to turn what myself and many other workers would like customers to know into a letter.

Dear Customers,
Some of us always try to speak, and be friendly, but you being spitefully rude and nasty, is just not having good manners.

 When we scan your items, and the register doesn't ring up the price you saw or thought it should be, please don't get offended, if we do a follow up. 90% of us doesn't work on commission, so we're not trying to cheat you, we're only going by what the computer tell us and trying not to lose our jobs.

We understand you may become sick, so please cover your mouth. Yes, this is how we pay our bills, so please use hand sanitizer that the company we work for may provide, if you do not have your own. We would really like to avoid getting sick, and have to miss days of work.

I am not sure in what form of placing your money on the counter is being nice. Please do not put your money on the counter, put it in our hand. No matter if you see it as a convenient way to place your money, the gesture is completely rude. If I decide to turn around and place your change on the counter, you would not be happy and I will get in trouble with the manager.

When we are busy, during the holidays or any other busy days, while we are scanning and bagging your items, please have your payment ready. If you prefer to fill out your check, and not allow our printer to do so, please fill out all the spots that you can. When we are waiting for you to find your payment, it slows us down, and frustrates the customers behind you.

We do not like to touch money that comes from your sweaty chest area or wet wallet. We understand it doesn't lose it's value, but we prefer not to touch the money with your body's perspiration. We find it nasty and makes us upset that we have to accept it.

We understand that sometimes you may run short on funds, and you may need to place a few items back, but it frustrates us when you come with a basket full of items, that you know is way beyond your budget. We personally have to put all the items individually back. The best advice we can give you is ring each item to the nearest dollar. It will save you and us time, and not hold up the line.

We appreciate your business and want to provide you with the best customer service, but put yourself on our side of the register. We know every store offers different services and items, but we prefer not hearing what other stores offers and their prices. We have no input on anything that goes on within the company. If you disagree and would like to make a complaint, please nicely ask for a manager, who can send in a request to the cooperation. You getting ugly with us, and becoming totally out of control will not change the policy or pricing of an item.

Thank you so much for your business, and we appreciate you. We wouldn't have our job if it wasn't for our customers.  The next time you go shopping, we hope you consider this letter.

Customer Service

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