Featuring:Moms With Twins

Photos By: Felecia Causey

The discovery that you are having twins can be thrilling, shocking, and even overwhelming.  I am sure many parents starred in disbelief at their ultrasound.  The number of twins being born has increased, and people are still just amazed at their cute little faces.  Many women as myself even fantasize about having twins.

I recently met a few moms who shared what it felt like to have twins and/or how it changed their life.

Cameron with her sons Caleb and Caiden
"My life as a mother with twins has been life changing. I had my twins when I was 18 years old a high school senior trying to graduate. I thank God everyday for my support system, they the main ones that helped me these 4 years. Having a set of twins is 10x harder especially being a single parent. Yes it's very exciting to experience carrying two little people at once, but with excitement comes problems. Carrying twins is a high risk pregnancy and with just a little slip up you could jeopardize your twins. Over all Caiden and Caleb are the best lesson that has happened to me. They taught me so much. The main thing is I've learn to go so much harder for what I want because I have 2 little people watching me. No matter, how much I stumble trip or lose balance, maybe even fall I have got to get right back up when Caiden and Caleb counting on mama to make it work."
Majkeida with her twins daughter and son Kennedy and Kenneth

" When I initially found out I was having twins I was devastated. The thought of two people at one time I was beyond scared, but from the moment they arrived it had been a love like no other. It's definitely not as hard as I thought it would be especially once I got a routine down. You worry am I going to favor one more, will I hold one more than the other but it comes so natural to spread your love. God gives his hardest tasks to his strongest people! The thing I was scared for the most has become something I love most.... Being a Mother of TWINS"

LaCole with her daughters Asia and China
"Being a mother of twins is very challenging, but yet rewarding . It has pulled out strengths I didn't know I had . Yes, my hands are full, but so is my heart."
Jazmine with daughters Taylar and Taylen
"Life with twins is no easy task, however I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I never would've thought in a million years I would have twins. On 4-18-16 I became the proud mother of Taylar and Taylen. They are complete opposites even though they look alike. Taylar is the oldest, biggest, and she is very sweet, plus calm . Taylen is the smaller twin and youngest. She is feisty, and she already has her own little independent personality. They usually sleep at the same time, and I have manage to get the feeding and pamper changing down to a science. I am enjoying every minute watching them grow and learn new things."

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