My Family's Love Helped Me Fight This Monster Called Cancer

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Two Halloweens ago, I received the most life changing news of my life.  "You have cancer". My world felt as if it was falling apart, but my support system didn't let it. My husband, family, and friends did their part and helped me fight it . In November, I started chemotherapy, I lost all of my hair. I lost over 20 pounds, my skin

darkened, and my nails even changed . My body was changing before I even had a chance to really even grasped that “I HAD CANCER.” My kids were noticing the changes as well; wondering why  I  barely got out of bed, and why did I have so many doctors appointments. My husband and I decided it was time to tell them what was going on. I think it hit my oldest worst, and she had so many questions. My other kids cried because all there small minds could grasp was mommies dying. But we assured them everything was going to  get better. All the time not really knowing and praying that it would be in the end. 
We pushed forward and I finally finished chemo, my first battle . A few months later, the next battle came, the mastectomy. This terrified me and I didn’t know how to feel. Would this make me less than a woman; does this change me? I remember asking the doctor “can you just take them both.” He of course said No but, so I went ahead with the surgery. After the surgery,I barely even wanted to look at myself in the mirror or go anywhere. Then I saw a silver of light, “prosthetics” thank God for those. The next battle was waiting around the corner. A few weeks later I started radiation. I completely hated it. I went Monday thru Friday for nearly two months. Halfway through the treatments my skin started to burn, blister, and basically come off.  I was standing there hairless, cut, and burnt. It broke me down to the point where at times I wanted to give up.  God had a different plan for me. My husband never left my side and I could never put into words the love I have for him because of that. My family and friends were also there for us through it all. I am recovering  and getting back to my normal self, “slowly” but surely. I am now waiting on my final step,  my reconstructive surgery. Guess what?  “WE’VE WON !!!! “

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