Spending Time With Her Now Will Mean A Lot Later

Written By:Felecia Causey

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Models: Tanesha McReynolds and Zoie McReynolds

What’s more special to a mother than having a special bond with their child? The first moments of seeing your child in your arms all of your ways change and all your hopes and wishes for him or her are your priorities. If you ever wondered how fast time goes by, check to see how the ones you hold in your arms outgrow your lap.  What you can do as a parent is to make great memories.   The small little things that you do with your child will soon be a big memory to them.  As a mother who believes in capturing as many memories as possible on camera, it’s important to get everything you can. I believe there is nothing like a story with pictures.

With the prices of everything going up, and many parents not having the privilege of doing expensive events or getaways, there are always ways to create fun opportunities. What we as parents don't realize is that it’s not always about expensive gifts and money, it’s the presence and attention they receive.


On family nights my kids love to bring up all the fun times we have had when they were younger. As they both are in high school, I often ask myself, where has time gone. The kids who once loved just to sit and have family painting nights with movies, have grown to wanting to hang out with their friends. What I thought I would not be able to stand, I quickly had to learn that I must let them grow up. What I have gotten back is there is no conversation that they can’t have with me. They can be an open book, and unfortunately, I will not sugarcoat anything, but be the voice of reason. Being the parent that your child can come to you because yep that once camping trip turned out to be one of the doors that opened up a relationship you desired. What many may see as a simple outing, but in his or her eyes, they see an adventure. There is no such thing as spending too much time with your kids, when so many kids are either neglected or want more time with their parents.  

In a time where families are mostly on phones or iPad, we must not forget that we must put those to the side for quality time. If laying out watching a movie together outside in PJ’s work for you, then heck does it.

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