Interview With Alexis Discussing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Her Herbal Tea Business

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Me: Mrs. Alexis please tell us about yourself?


My name is Alexis LaSandra, but I go by Al. I’m 31. I am a Taurus. I love nature, history and art. I’m married with two sons. I love teaching women how to balance their hormones using herbs and nutrition.


Me:I came across you on Tiktok, and I knew that having you on my blog would be a great read because so many women and couples silently suffer from infertility. I am sure some of my followers and readers are very interested in hearing your inspirational story. Please tell the readers about you and your husband's journey.


You are so right. So many women are suffering in silence. Well, my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for years. After we bought our house in 2018, we wanted this baby more than ever. I decided to finally go to my OBGYN. That’s when I was diagnosed with PCOS. She told me it would almost be impossible to conceive and if I did, I would probably miscarry. I had to come back for a follow up appointment from the lab. She went over to my lab and said everything was fine. I asked for a copy of my lab results. At the time I had no idea why I asked for them. I went home and studied them. That’s when I discovered my hormones were super imbalanced! I had already been into herbs. This took my knowledge to another level. I started mixing herbs and roots that would balance my hormones.



Me: I know you were diagnosed with PCOS, can you share with people what that really means?


 PCOS is short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In order to be diagnosed with PCOS you have to have 2/3 symptoms. 1. Excess facial hair 2. Irregular cycles 3. Cysts on your ovaries. What medical doctors don’t talk about is how all of these three symptoms are related to hormone imbalance. So basically PCOS is a hormone imbalance. 


Me: I know you shared that your doctor tried to prescribe you some medication, but you decided to take matters in your own hands. Please share why you made that decision? 


Since I was a Child I was drawn to nature. I  felt a deep connection with trees, plants, bushes, etc. Even as a child I knew nature had a purpose. I carried that with me. As a teenager, I wouldn’t take medication. I would just bear with whatever pain I was experiencing such as a headache, menstrual cramps, a cold, etc. As a young adult, that’s when I started taking herbs and homeopathic medicine when I would get sick. So it was natural for me to choose herbs in this situation. On top of that, I am a self taught Holistic Nutritionist. So combining these two comes so naturally to me.


Me: Tell us about your Wombman Wellness Tea, and also share who would benefit from this and why?


 When I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2018, I started combining herbs and roots to balance my hormones. It didn’t have a name at the time. The liver has many roles. One role is to remove excess hormones. So the Wombman wellness Tea contains roots to detox and support the liver. It also filters the blood, combats acne, reduces inflammation, melts uterine fibroids, melts Ovarian cysts, boosts libido, decreases vaginal dryness,  regulates menstrual cycle, reduces menstrual cramps, boosts immune system, regulates ovulation, balances hormones and so much more. Women who suffer from fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, vaginal dryness or any type of hormone imbalance would benefit from this tea!


Me: How can it be purchased? Click the tab that says Handcrafted Products


Me: As most women get older some of them experience low sex drive. With your experience with damiana, is this something they all should look into purchasing before getting prescribed hormones?


 If a woman with a low sex drive is trying to go a natural route, I would recommend The Wombman Wellness Combo and My Yoni Steams. Damiana is one of the herbs in the Wombman Wellness Tea, but I always recommend trying it by itself because you can feel its effect even more. Damiana is an aphrodisiac and just the smell of it can get you there. Just thinking about it is making me excited. LOL! Ladies, please try Damiana. I offer the best!


Me: I saw the video of you making your own home crafted deodorant. With deodorant burning people under the arms and causing knots, this is something many of us need to learn. As a parent with a teenage daughter that suffers from eczema as many others do. Is the deodorant available?


 Usually baking soda is what irritates people. I offer deodorant every blue moon. I announce it through email and social media when it’s available. If you all don’t know the importance of using deodorant that’s natural, I’ll explain. We have a lymphatic system and it is all through our body like the cardiovascular system. When we apply chemical and heavy metal filled deodorant under our armpits it goes straight to the lymphatic system. As it accumulates, toxins begin to build up. Make sure you are taking herbs to support the lymphatic system. Also, dry skin brushing helps to flush out those toxins. Using these unnatural deodorants can also cause hormone imbalance and then you’ll have to get you some wombman wellness tea lol. I also make eczema salve as well. But when it comes to eczema, the focus should be a healthy gut. Get your daughter some food probiotics and make sure she’s consuming prebiotics for proper absorption.


Me: Please share your social media and website for references and purchasing. 


 Y’all can find me on Tiktok foodnherbs and Instagram sincerelynature_

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