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Featuring BBQ Chicken Montgomery

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography:Felecia Causey I drove out into the rain with my daughter to stop at BBQ Chicken in Montgomery, Alabama. We were eager to try the restaurant's food because we had read so many positive reviews about it. They may be found close to Bolera (the bowling alley) along Eastern Blvd. It was quite roomy as I walked in, which I really enjoyed. I'll also commend how spotless and clean they were inside. We made the decision to have takeout. My daughter selected Rose D'deok-Booki and the boneless golden original combo, while I went with the crispy chicken sandwich meal. Fries and a can of drink were served with both meals. I wanted to test everything out. Every dish was cooked fresh. The sandwich reminded me of a Zaxby's sandwich, but crispier. The fries were perfect—hot, crunchy, and exactly as I like them. It was good—the boneless chicken wings. Although my daughter appeared to like it, I'm not a huge fan of extremely crispy chicken skin.

He Won't Be This Small for Long

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey  You want to know how much time has passed; look at your child. He won't want to be held like a baby or have his little hands held in yours; therefore, the days of him sitting in your lap or holding his hands will eventually come to an end. He'll grow up so quickly that one day the small boy you used to look down on will be so tall that he'll be looking down at you. Your son's heart will open as a result of your nurturing of his emotions, enabling him to communicate his sentiments and develop empathy. A mother knows that although her son will learn to be independent, with her loving support, he will become the young man she would desire her daughter to meet. Parents will make mistakes, because no one is perfect. I believe that my role as a mother has a huge effect on the way my son is raised. We want to be involved in every tiny detail of his life, but at an early age, I had to learn that self-restraint in settin

My Mom Divorced Me When She Divorced My Dad

Written By: Wanted to Be Anonymous   My dad left my mom when I was 10 years old, after he found out she was having an affair. The guy moved right after. He didn’t work much. He would do landscaping, but most of the time he was at home. My mom worked a full-time job as a dental hygienist. They would go on dates, and I would be left home with my video games, television and plenty of junk food. I was sent to my dad’s family when she went out of town on vacation. I gained a lot of weight during my teen years. When I turned 14 my mom got pregnant with my little sister. I was excited because I was an only child. I wasn’t aware that I would continue to be excluded and left out of everything.  When my sister was born, I would be like a shadow in the background. They would be the ultimate beautiful happy family. I felt I was like a huge hangnail to them. I would often walk in the front room and capture them cuddling under a blanket on the sofa. I would ask for something, and they would respond

When You are Going Out to Eat BYOM (Bring Your Own Money)

Written By Felecia Causey Post after post on various platforms such as Instagram, Reels, and TikTok videos show how awkward moments arise when one person suddenly suggests diving all costs fairly by counting heads around tableside gatherings. However, if this idea isn't discussed beforehand and is brought up at the last minute, it can cause tension and discomfort among those involved. Living in this era presents unique challenges for people around us, and we must grapple with new realities where assumptions can no longer be made about shared understanding. In a viral video, a woman who ordered an abundance of drinks and extra takeout plates racked up a hefty balance, only to suggest that her fellow diners split the cost equally amongst themselves, despite their orders being significantly less expensive. This scenario has left many upset as they ponder how this could be considered fair. It's important to be practical when considering eating out. If funds are not available, the s

Be a Dr. Smart

Written By:Felecia Causey   I value nice people and excellent customer service. I looked at reviews for all the local offices first when trying to find the best orthodontist. A young woman told me about her horrible experience with her doctor while I was doing my search. I kept reading the reviews, even though I was getting anxious. I am aware that occasionally reading about other people's experiences will be very beneficial. I discovered Smart Smiles. The fact that it was near our house and that they were fantastic made it appealing to me.  Prior to discussing my reasons for awarding Smart Smiles "five stars," allow me to share my personal encounter with Dr. Smart. Although I don't know much about him personally, he did a great job treating my children as their doctor. He sat with us and went over everything. It seemed to me that he was genuinely concerned, rather than merely making a sales pitch. If there were any issues at all during the kids' entire journey, I

Featuring Amacker's Sunken Tractor

Written By: Felecia Causey Families looking for a quiet trip will love Amacker's Sunken Tractor since it offers a country retreat with reasonably priced food and an escape from the bustle of the city. Wetumpka, Alabama's Amacker's Sunken Tractor, is a family-run eatery. Nothing compares to the hospitality of the South. I enjoyed our conversation with Chris and Christy, the owners of the company. I was genuinely curious about the origin of the name. On their land, Chris and one of his daughters repeatedly submerged their tractor. I thought this was a wonderful tale that they might tell future generations.  Sunken Tractor plans numerous events. Live music, murder mysteries, and wine tastings are among the events they host. You're all probably excited to get to the juicy part—the specifics of the food. In addition to burgers and chicken tenders, they also provide funnel cake fries. I was able to try their house-made garlic butterine burger and cut fries. I mean, who does

Against Eczema:Parents and Adults

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography By:Felecia Causey Everyone has experienced eczema, or at least someone they know has. My daughter has had eczema since she was an infant. I am a mother. It was incredibly overwhelming to be helpless when your child suffered from uncontrollable itching, tried to convince others that it wasn't contagious, or was assured she was beautiful. What mother wouldn't want to be the superhero who eliminates this irritating skin condition so that their child never has to experience helplessness, shame, or misunderstanding? I had to deal with illiterate adults who would say or do things that frustrated me. One of my daughter's teachers lacks education; she thought my daughter was contagious and treated her as such. What infuriated me was that, given my considerable amount of involvement at school, she could have asked me instead of making her feel bad. My in-law joked that we had burned her skin. Making jokes about things I don't find funny anno